Thursday, 3 September 2015

Mamluk heavy horsearchers

Freshly painted, small unit of Mamluk Heavy horsearchers for my Ayyubid Egyptians.
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The miniatures are from Gripping Beast and is a combination of their plastic and their metal miniatures. The standardbearers arm is from Fireforge Games plastic Mongols archers, some of the shields are from another maker and so on. Always nice to ad that extra level on variation.

I wanted to add more details then I normally do on gaming miniatures and the fabrics and textures of the clothings of a Saracen Mamluks really lend itself for this.

The banner is again a paper banner that "Eric the Shed" put together. that I printed on regular paper and curled it around a brush handle when the woodglue was still wet. I used my regular paint to shade some part of the banner to give it a little more life.
Big thanks for that Eric, real nice work.

This is actually the second part of a unit, combining this small unit with a previously painted small unit I get a standard sized unit in Hail Caesar.

Im not that fond of the plastic horses, they look wrong. The heads and especially the nostrills are wrong. The legs are wrong, something strange with the positions of the legs that dont look natural and lenght of some of the bent legs looks longer then the straith ones that tuch the ground. The tails look wrong to, all to big or long. If they had done the horses right it could have been a great kit.

It is not good to take this sort of close up pictures of miniatures, they are ment to be viewed from on the gaming table and not as close as these pictures are taken.

When I look at these pictures I see lots of mistakes and things I could have done differently. It seems that you could always add more details but I have to tell myself that these are gaming miniatures and not display pieces and that you have to draw the line somewhere.
But I am happy with these, its fun to paint Mamluks in expensive garment and equipment.