Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Solar Auxilia Veletaris storm squad

Next up in my Horus Heresy 3000pts painting project is a squad of Veletaris storm Squad with Volkites to my Solar Auxilia army.

The Prime were given a Charnebal sabre for that fun fishing for sixes moment. The sabre is a medieval middle-eastern Mamluk sabre from my Crusading collection.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Solar Auxilia reinforcement, Horus Heresy

 The goal to get a 3000pts Solar Auxilia force for the Avarii event in October in Malmö is tugging along.

Here we got the latest batch, a unit of Multilaser Rapiers and a unit of Veletaris storm section with Rotor cannons. Rotor might not be the most optimal weapons to use when facing mostly marines but these are too cool not to include in the army...

Its hard to make out on these pictures but the control board have a small sight with added extra informations painted on the display that I then gave a gloss varnish.

The Sergeant or Prime as is his real rank was given a power axe, because carrying even more heavy equipment is cool...
I painted it black to show that its set on "off" at the moment.
When writing this I noticed that one member fail to show up for the photoshoot and is still resting on the painting table.

The Avarii mobilization will continue... I got heaps of miniatures left to paint, most of them have come a long way but I still got some still on sprues...

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Ayyubid dynasty vs Syrian citystate - Lion Rampant AAR

My friend Johan and I had a game of Lion Rampant set in the age of the crusades. As most of the fighting at that time was between local muslim warlords its only fitting to have my Ayyubid forces facing of Johans Syrians.

For the scenario we rolled for taxation..
Abdel Rahim Al Nasir, a Ayyubid commander was sent out to collect the taxes when Ali Derwish a Syrian warlord had intended to make a raid and collect the gathered valuables instead.

The table was set up as a small village with some houses spread over the table, the village was built around a oasis with some vegetation and some small farming fields. Six objectives was set up representing the collection of taxes.

Each force was set up at the short ages of the table.

Syrian force:
Mounted Serjeant with the warlord
2x Mounted Yeomen
2x Foot Serjeants

Egyptian force
2x Mounted Serjeants with bows, one with the commander
2x Mounted Yeomen
2x Foot Yeomen

The Syrian forces seemed surprised that the Egyptians was already at the village, they needed to act fast. Their cavalry archers was sent forward.

The Egyptians moves out, starting with some Turcoman horsearchers.

The Syrian raiding force was now at one of the centre objectives.

Egyptian forces was sent out to capture the taxes from the local market.

They were supported by Abdel Rahim Al Nasir himself with his Mamluk bodyguards.

Having collected the taxes from the market the Ayyubid forces moves backwards using the spearmen to protect them.

On my other flank I pushed forward with a unit of Turcoman horsearchers and a unit of Mamluks.

My commander was now almost alone on his flank, trading arrows with enemy horsearchers.

My Turcoman manages to scare the enemy raiding commander back when he lost some bodyguards from arrows.

I decided to move back with my commander, not wanting to engage half his army on his own. I was pursued by the enemy horsearchers.

Taking some casualties I was forced to flee back, or use a tactical movement as I would like to call it...

I managed to rally the commander.

The enemies was moving into the village.
But it was to late for them, the Egyptian Ayyubid had managed to capture most of the taxes gathered in the village and was moving to a more secure place with all the treasures.

A win for the Ayyubid.
A nice game of Lion Rampant. It really felt like ages since we last played a Crusading game and it was good to bring them to the table again.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Solar Auxilia, repainting first squad

My main project at the moment is to repaint and expand my Solar Auxilia army for Horus Heresy, Warhammer 30k.

The goal is to have a 3000pts army ready for Avarii in Malmö in October, its a long way left but I have come a fair bit on that way.

Here are the first batch of miniatures, some Solar Auxilia Lasriflemen.

I might go back and add some more details on the bases, maybe some turf or flock. I havent decided yet but that will be a later step, at the moment the focus must be to get paint on all the miniatures. Lets see how well that goes...

Friday, 1 September 2017

Alpha Legion vs Space Wolves, 30k AAR

My friend Tobias and I had a game of Warhammer 30k last Saturday and here is a short AAR from the game.
Not wanting to play a blue on blue game I used my Alpha Legion to counter the Space Wolves and I managed to muster about 900pts.
This scenario gave us victory points for having troops in the enemy deployment zone at the end of the game.
For my special Alpha Legion tactics I choose Counter charge, knowing the Space Wolves this game I think will be about close combat...

On the small planet of Scorpia the battles still continues between Loyalist and Traitor forces.
The Loyalist had managed to secure a victory (of 44-32 at our last event) and had secured their positions and pushing back the traitor advance on the planet.
But not all was good. The loyalist High Command had the feeling of enemy smaller formations operating at the outskirts of one of the ruined cities. 

Who they were and what they were actually doing there was not deemed to important.
A small force of Astartes from the Space Wolf Legion was ordered to take care of the enemy. The plan was simple, to smash the enemy present. A force equipped for close combat action was sent in to the area.

The Alpha Legion forces conducting operations in the area met them head on, the plan was to give them a  bloody nose. To best the Space Wolves at their own game...

My scouts using the infiltrate rules deploys in the ruins. These would have a dual purpose, on one hand I would try to lure enemy units to this flank so they couldn't assist in the middle and as I had bought Melta bombs for them I wanted to try to take out that enemy Contemptor Dreadnought.

I managed to steal the initiative and rolled good on the movement dice through terrain so I moved all my Alpha Legion forward.

The Space Wolves were fast real fast. They are able to charge after they make a run move and they closed the distance in no time.
They tried to take out this unit before my Contemptor Dreadnought could close in to support.
Good thing this tactical squad was packing additional close combat weapons and that I had reinforced them with a apothecary and my Centurion.
But I would need every help I could get here, I was outnumbered by the enemy and the enemy had a apothecary on their own.

 A extremely bloody fight with lots of casualties...

After the Contemptor had charged in and assisted all that was left of my troops was a Sergeant and my Centurion.
Enemy Contemptor opened up with all its firepower and all that was left of my scout was a lone Sergeant.
In the centre I had apparently missed to take pictures but as the enemy unit with his HQ with a big frost axe had advanced I moved back trading ground for additional rounds of shooting. But in the end they cough up with me.
I got extremely lucky and my friend got extremely unlucky. Only managed to get one hit with his HQ and so on.
In the end I had lost one terminator and the enemy was forced back with the tail between their legs...

The massive Contemptor had managed a 10 or 11" charge and made short work of the small unit of Space wolves elite unit with big power axes that had bogged down at the slopes of the ruins.
After another charge the enemy unit was down to 3men, the HQ and two of his soldier.
I took a step back with my Terminators as the enemy Contemptor closes in.

As the enemy Contemptor was forced to cross the roubles of  the ruins he stumbles forward with his charge and my Contemptor makes a "judo chop" to his head and takes him out.

As the Contemptors battled it out in the back the enemy HQ charges in and this time my Sergeant remembered to challange him...
The two Space Wolves managed to take out my slow reacting Terminator with power fist and autocannon before he could swing.
In the challenge my sergeant and the enemy HQ battled it out till the end, and both was dead.

Now my Centurion wanted to try out his golfswing with his thunder hammer as the Contemptor chases after the enemy. But my Centurion failed a 3" charge... (1" +2 for terrain)

The enemies tried to push through my forces to reach my deployment zone for those victory points but that was not to be, the last two enemy got smashed between a thunder hammer and a Contemptors power fist...

On his side of the table, two lone sergeants secured the area and won me the game. The Tactical marine sergeant from the first fight and the Recon marine sergeant that survived the Contemptor onslaught. But their sharp eyes was all I needed to secure the area and continue with my mission...

A nice game of Horus Herrasy

Here follows two small pictures I took outside the game, as with the pictures from the game they are blurry but you can see some more details of my troops.
A terminator in Tartaros pattern armour.

My marine recon team in scout armour, they are not fully finished and I need to work more with the camouflage patterns on the clothes. The plan is to include these "dull" miniatures in my rather shiny force. Playing with the effect or contrast of having metalic armour on my main troops and the recon marines in dark mat colours.