Friday, 15 February 2013

Tomtar och troll

We got a new game of `Tomtar och troll´ a couple of days ago at the club. Unfortunately the only pictures I got is these crapy ones from my crapy camera… Barely even worth posting to be honest, sorry for that.

The game itself was fun. 

The Priest supported by some small children assaulted the slaves from the other Viking chiefdom and scared them of the gaming table but a homecoming band of Varängers massacrated them in return.

Poor Gnomes was seen smashed to a pulp by Goblin berserking Bonebacks and trolls run amok.
Some nice gaming moments.

Next game I have to get better pictures. 


  1. Great looking game and figures regardless of the piccies.
    BTW the Viking exhibition in Edinburgh was fantastic.
    best wishes

  2. That looks so cool, is the "Tomtar och troll" a set of home made rules or something?

  3. This looks brilliant, very inspiring. I would love to do something similar. Which rules are you using?

  4. Thanks you all.

    Im using the historical rules of Hail Caesar from Warlord Games. I got the stats for a norse Hirdmen or Bondi and comparing that on how I think an troll or goblin or what not should be I give them some stats and maybe some special rules. The term "tomtar och troll" is just for description, it doesnt meen anything rulewise.

  5. Very nice pictures and figures!