Friday, 8 February 2013

Battle in the desert (fow)

This Tuesday we had a little double game of Flames of war at the club and we played it in ”Mid-war”, my favorite period.

Tobias wanted to test out his new American mechanized company and this I thought would be perfect for me to muster an allied force to him and meet that with two small German companies. Other players were Peter and Per-Olof.

As we only played it at 2200 points (1200+1000pts) we thought we could manage it on a regular table even if it could be a risk of being a little crowded.

The companies involved in the fighting would be an American mechanized company supported by Shermans(rather nasty brutes in Midwar), allied with a British Heavy tank squadron (Grant tanks) supported by a platoon of infantry and some scout carriers fitted against an German Panzer III company supported by air support in the form of Bf109 and combined with an Armored Car scout company and supported by plenty of artillery.

Unfortunately we had to end the battle a little early but we had a good time. And I hope to play more Midwar Fow games soon again.

Here are some pictures from the game.

The American Second in Command stares death in the eyes and laught. Forward with pistol drawn riding an jeep seems to be the plan.

 Peter considering his plans for the battle

My brother in arms for the day P-O

Please notice the "Jolly Roger" 

These three dudes kept asking about a new born baby and said they had some gifts for him. I finnaly got fed up with them and lured them away and pointed at the neerest stable.

German heavy recon tries to damage some Shermans. The Sherman commander just laughed and returned fire with one of his Shermans. I did not laugh as much as he did then...

 Tobias, this would have been a really cool picture if you had painted models...


German defensive position behind a ridge.

The Germans are now taking firepositions on top of the ridge.


Captured 25pounder acting as the last line of defence. Lets just hope that the Panzer will do their job.

The American Second in Command and his jeep, driving forward into the village. Also three "wisemen" wandering around.

Why do I always hum ´flight of the Valkyria´ when I see airplains flying low?

Tobias tries to hide all his Shermans from the Luftwaffe in the shadow of one of the houses. I think that was his plan atleast

But in the end death found the Second in command, here in the form of an German armoured car soon to open up with its machinegun...

A big thanks to Tobias, Peter and Per-Olof for a nice game.

If you want to see more and better pictures of my Grant squadron check here:

For pictures of my Deutsches Afrika Korp follow this link:

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  1. I just love the little funny things, like the three lost men and jolly roger. :D Looks like a nice game, and I realize that it has been long since I threw dice in Växjö as I only recognize one general of four.. :/