Friday, 30 November 2012

Unboxing… Warlord Games

Yesterday I got this little letter saying I got an box to get at the ”postal office”. I put the daughter in the stroller and of we goo.

The plan was to fill up on the old lead and plastic pile, it could be a long and hard winter. Better bunker up.
The big box and is content is divided into three main projects.

For my Napoleonics I got:
A box of French Line Infantry. I wanted to test out the new Warlord box and ad even more variety to my Frenchies.
Vivandiere - The Soldier's Comfort. Could be a fun model to paint, a little different.

For my Vikings I got:
Harald Steptoesson, special edition Viking. How could I not want to add this model to my Viking collection.
A plastic frame of Warlords Celtic Warriors, to make berserker conversions mixing with Gripping beast plastic Vikings.

For my Tribal Africa project, the largest lot in the box.
For a new tribe I got the Kushites from Warlords, allies to the Persians or could be used on their own. Im not that picky about what year my Tribal African project is so I will mix heavily on miniatures I like. Besides its all spears and shield in the end, so theoretically my inhabitants in this project could have meet a tribe looking like this.
For the Kushites I got:
Kushite King and Chieftains, Kushite Command, Kushite Spearmen regiment, Kushite Archers and if my numbers are correct that should give me enough for 2 small spearmen units and a small archers units and lots of fun characters to use in Hail Caesar.
I got an box of Married Zulu Regiment, wanting to expand on my Zulus as the Unmarried box I got at home was so good.
I got and box of Perrys plastic Mahdist Ansar, it’s a nice box for this project and I wanted to try to add my numbers of tribals but also wanted to try to convert some trackers or skirmishers.

And a box wirespears and some more round bases.

This should at least have me occupied for this weekend… Well for a long time I hope. So now I think you know my plan for some time to come. We will see how well I can keep it.


  1. Good idea stocking up for the winter. You never know when you will be snowed under and the postman unable to get your packages to you!

  2. Always nice with new minis arrives:)

    Nice to see you useign the Warlord plastic celts as Viking Berserkers, been there, done that;)

    Best regards Michael

  3. Good looking project list you're starting there. Look forward to seeing your progress.