Sunday, 25 November 2012

Archers - ready aim fire

I finished another base of Bretonnian archers. 

With this base finished I now got enough models to make an standard size unit of archers to the Hail Caesar rules.


What I learned from this little sideproject is that painting simple clothing without all the cursed straps of Napoleonic troops, no fancy shield as I have done on some other models, is that basic troops in brownish clothing painted to a table top standard is quick, really quick work. 
This is both a good thing and a bad thing because this could real easy distract me into starting up a 30years war project or continue on a medieval project instead of finishing what I have planed at the moment. 
Now some new miniatures have arrived from an order and I am not “forced” to dig up these old Bretonnians from some box in the basement. Im not sure I could leave the archers all alone without some buddies or someone to combat but I have some things I really should finish of before I start on the next medieval unit. But as most of the time when I paint I could easily switch interest after a completed unit or model.


  1. Very nice looking batch of archers Engel.

  2. realy good looking minis !

    base size?

    Best regards Michael

  3. Thanks lads.
    I think the bases are 45x40mm, for me a "strange" measurement that I got from Perrys plastic boxes but on these the extra with gave the chunky old Brettonians that extra elbow space. Only fitting those old Perry sculpts got bases from an more contemporary Perry box.