Sunday, 2 December 2012

Viking and trolls…

Viking and trolls…
A couple of weeks ago we played another game of my Skägglavs fantasy game using the Hail Caesar rules. I wanted to try out some newly painted miniatures and how they could match the others.
Thanks for Tobias that now sent me the pictures he took.

I split the Vikings into two roughly comparable forces and gave them each a troll to help them. To those forces I also added goblins or gnomes to fill up the numbers. Two Ljosalfar and an Jötunn was also included in the gnome force, being convinced by old Tomtefar to help out.
My friend Daniel had painted up a small family of halvresar (half rese/ogre) that would help one of the Viking Villages.
Some stat and specialrules was altered since last time but nothing major.
The Gnomes was given the Marauder rule instead of Drilled to represent their ability to sneak around. The Ljosalfar was given a list of specialrules almost long enough to fill a paper on its own, only fitting to these unearthly being. But as they are only two models they got really crappy stats so they would still not dominate the battle.

A fun game it was. I will not go into details but just mention some of the highlights.

Hanging back in the forest and didn´t seems to figure out what to do the halvrese family finally did notice some small pointy hats and did charge out to smash the gnomes into a pulp.

Only to be fooled by the gnomes, mistaken common mushrooms for gnomes. (One of the Gnomish special rule, to switch an unit with some mushroom tokens.)

Nearing the end of the fight the small children that had mostly hung back in safety thought they could help the grownups by attacking the bright hooded creatures.  
Only to be shot to pieces by the Ljosalfars in a stand and shot charge reaction.
 Those child-killing alfars are wicked monsters…

Thanks for looking.


  1. Nice game, love the setting especialy the mushroom gnomes:)

    Best regards Michael

  2. Looks good and a nice twist on the game

  3. Excellent report and plenty of lovely photos to drool over.

  4. Spooky that you posted this today as I was just about to go raking through the shed for my gnomes to use as tomten.Ice and nightfall has precluded this as their is no light in the shed at all! Maybe next weekend.
    Game looks great I have really enjoyed reading about Bauer on the Web and looking at his fantastic art work.Cheers for bringing him to my attention by your blog.
    best wishes

  5. Thanks guys.
    Alan> Glad I could enlight you on the work of Bauer. I need a lot more of stones and trees to reseble his paintings but one day I hope to game in an Bauer forest.