Friday, 27 April 2012

Grenadiers a Cheval

Grenadiers a Cheval

I just painted  the last things on a unit of mounted grenadiers. They have been half painted in my ”half painted drawer” for at least half a year.

The uniform and the black horses make a striking contrast. I really liked the blue and white uniforms with gold against the black mount.

The miniatures are Perrys plastic Dragoons but there all dressed in bearskin and painted to look as Grenadiers a Cheval instead. I know that the haversacks are wrong but I’m no “button counter” when it comes to Napoleonic’s, its good enough for me.

The banner is from Victrix foot grenadiers, again good enough.

The pictures looks alitle blury, I gueass its because of the bad light.

Better pictures on the latest Afrika korps

I didn´t think the last pictures did give them justice so I took some new photos. These are much better.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Beute "Queen of the Desert" Panzer

When I first saw the option to upgrade on of the panzer III to a Beaute panzer in Earlywar in Flames of war I knew I just “needed” to get a model for that option.

I doubt its really worth the cost, but it could be lots of fun.

Beute Matilda Panzer in german service…

And here with the panzer III in support.

Panzers rollen in the desert, I just need to keep it away from its former owners.


Last night was good for painting…

Some 15mm ww2 Germans for my Flames of War force.
Plastic Soldier Panzer III and some trucks from Battlefront.

I just love these Plastic Soldier stuff, very sharp edges.

But I admit I was a bit lazy, I skipped the waffenfarbe collars and the tank numbering. All just to cut some corners and to speed it up. I can always add these later on.

Middle Eastern building

Last night I painted a lot of stuff…
More will follow.

I finnished these 15mm African/ Middle Eastern buildings for my gaming club.
All the pieces are just placed next to each other to maximize the options.
And during lunch brake I managed to take these photoes.

Review - Perry miniatures Mahdist Anṣâr, Sudanese Tribesmen

For yet another side project I’m been tempted to get me some tribal Africans.
I would have loved to get some Masai warriors but there’s no way in hell that I am going to pay Foundrys €19,2 for only 6 miniatures.
Much better to get a box of plastic warriors instead.

A box of Perrys: Mahdist Ansar - Sudanese Tribesmen contains 40 miniatures…

And what a lovely box this is. It will be perfect for me to start up my Tribal Africa project.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Queen of the jungle


The miniature is Yrsa the Accursed from Red box games
Yes, yes I know only a madman would get two of the same miniature, but I like the sculpt so that’s what happened.

I wanted her to look totally different from my other version so I ended up with dark skintones and dressed in leopard… I added a little warmer tones to the leopard skin witch I think worked out fine.

The pictures ended a little glossy or shiny and I tested to get some outdoors pictures at my fertile “lawn”. That’s what you get for living in Småland, loots of rocks…

The miniature will work perfect for a witchdoctor or woodo priestes type of character.