Friday, 16 September 2011

French Napoleonic Infantry 1804-1807

When the Victrix Austrian boxes is lurking on the horizon I thought it would be best to beat those Habsburgers once and for all. To arms…
I promised myself that I wouldn´t paint another cavalry unit until I completed at least one more unit of line infantry.
The cavalry units are fewer models, and are so much quicker to paint

But after a long time as half painted models they are finally done.
I tested to use a mixed basing size so they would be easier to reform into different formations.

 A close shot, focused on one of my favorite models in blue pants and a dirty unshaved face.

 In mixed formation, skirmishers to the front.

 In square formation to repel enemy cavalry.

I just love those Victrix boxes, there’s a lot of bang for the bucks.