Monday, 26 September 2011

How I painted the Danish troops

How to..

What I have done
* Removed the flash and cleaned the models.
* Glued the models on wooden sticks, paint stirrer or popsicles is perfect for this.
* Gave them a “zenith light” painting, this is probably totally unnecessary in this scale but I did it anyway. I first sprayed the models black and when that had dried I sprayed a light layer of white over the models in about 45 degree angle. This will make a natural light and shade on the model. This will give a much better effect on 28mm scale and I will not use it on all my 15mm models.
* I then painted them in the colors they will have, making no attempt to make any shade.
* Then I painted the models in a thin layer of GW:s Devlar mud.

* Then the trick is to highlight the models in the same colors that was under the thin layer of Devlar mud. This will make a quick and very effective effect.

And with some sand painted in downwatered brown and some flock they look splendid.

Handpainted flag...


  1. Hej där!
    Gillar dina danskar skarpt. Hade varit kul att spela mot varandra med 15mm vid tillfälle. Vet du var man kan beställa 5mm karoliner?
    Tack för en trevlig match igår i DBA.

    hösthälsningar / Peter (Wexio-Peter)