Sunday, 10 August 2014

more ehh.. loot

Here we got some more.. loot...

The tied up cow from a plastic Warhammer giant.
One of treachery chest comes from Mordheim and the other one I have no idea, its solid lead and have the weight according.

These two frogs comes from an old Warhammer Brettonia characher, the Fay Enchantress. One of the frogs/toads are one of the few miniatures left from my Brettonia army I started but didn´t continue with. The other one I bought second hand from a friends many a years ago. Its fun to finally hace them painted up after something like 7-10 years in the leadpile...
I painted their skin patterns after some toads you can find in Sweden.

Im not totally sure what rules to give them in a game but they could also just be used as a sort of terrain piece.


  1. Love the paint on those toads, very authentic!

  2. Nice scenery and good paintwork.I think the things will prove its worth on the gamingtable.Nice indeed!

  3. All great, but the toads are stunning!