Monday, 4 August 2014

Ayyubid Mamluks

I just finished this massive unit of Mamluks for my Ayyubid force. I painted all twelve of them in one batch.
It was not the most fun way to paint a unit but they do look good all together...

Some of the shields are transfers and some are painted.

Its allways such a hard thing to decide on when to stop, you can allways add another shade, wash, highlight or add more details but I think I have reached a nice standard on this unit. Things I thought about adding but didn´t was to work more with the horses and the horse tack and the bridle and so on for the horses.
But you have to draw the line somewhere, I got toons of unpainted miniatures that whants some atension to...

The minatures are a mixture of Perry Miniatures, Gripping Beast and A & A Miniatures, I put the riders on the "wrong" horses to have a greater variaty and mixture and I think it worked out fine.


  1. They're absolutely beautiful.

  2. Very handsome and colorful cavalry. I like them!

  3. Remarkable work. Shows a real dedication to detail.

  4. Thanks, I hope they will make their paintings show on my next game.