Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Unboxing - Fireforge Games Sergeants at arms

I just got some boxes from Fireforge Games that are intended for my Medieval Scandinavia project.

I guess lots of those boxes you all have seen on different pages over the net but this one I think is a little rarer. Its somewhat newer then the others.

The Sergeant at Arms box I think shares lots of components with their Mounted Sergeants box (

The main difference seams to be that some of the horses have barding, the lances are exchanged to spears and crossbows are included.
I dont have the Mounted Sergeant box so this is just a guess.

 There are components to build 12 Sergeants in the box, half of the horses have barding.
And their is enough weapons to arm half of the sergeants with crossbows or spears.

The most interesting thing to show I think is this sprue. At first I though it was a little bad that only half could be armed with say, crossbows but then it hit me that to build an army you will need more then one box of miniatures any way and I think that you could easily use bits from the infantry boxes on these miniatures so this will not be a problem.

You get lots and lots of heads... For 4 miniatures you got 10 heads and these will be most useful in my kit bashing and is highly appreciated.

Overall I really like this box and after I have glued it together I will still have lots of extra bits for the bitbox. So I am really happy with the content.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Battle one of the Conquista of Reichengrad (40k - DKorps vs Eldar)

This is the first battle of the "Conquista of the planet of Reichengrad". A battle we played some weeks ago. I have now done this small AAR, enjoy.

We gathered all the Death Korps players at our club (yes we got more then one...) and was to meet a joint Eldar force in a megabattle. If I remembers correctly it was something like 6-7000 points.

The backstory is that the Imperium has colonized a small green and lust planet and over some hundred years transformed the green planet into planet able to produce much needed war material for the ever consuming Imperium.
The only problem with this is that the Eldar race had long ago chosen that planet as a garden planet for vacations and picnics or what ever those aliens do with the planets they forget about.

The problem is that the Eldar returned to their garden planet and was upset to say at least of the human alteration of their gardens...
Concrete and asphalt was not a invention and introductions of the natural flora in taste of the Eldars.

After a totally devastating initial surprise attack the surviving human forces have taking shelter under ground and are conducting small hit and run attacks on the Eldars slowly building up and gathering their forces for a mayor attack.
The time for small arms affairs are hopefully a thing of the past, bring forth the the newly reassembled forces of the Death Korps.

The Artillery sisters... I just love my Basilisks

Lots of Dakka... Punisher and Macharius tank.

Even more firepower...

A local strong point. The Death Korps are planing to use it as a local fire superiority point. To add firepower over the heads of the advancing infantry.
Thunderer Siege tank and in the background some Griffons, mortar tanks.

BIG Eldar machinery, literately towering over anything. It look so impressive.

Eldar fireline.

Hokeygame in the forefront of the miniature game...

My Leman russ opens up with all its plasma guns on the Eldar Wraithknight (I think it was called that atleast...), taking some wounds out of it. But the Behemoth was stepping out of the smoke angrier then before...

The Elders in the tower are taking a heavy beeting from Griffon mortar tanks.

The Basilisks are just one of the units concentrating fire at this point of Eldar advance.

Infantry hit the dirt, taking cover in the open to give them cover save.

The Eldar machines are inside our frontline.

There use to be two Falcon Grav tanks here...

BIG gun... 7" template is nice... Atleast if you are on the right side of the gun...

A "Gluffs gluffs" and some footsluggers with krakgrenades attack a Falcon.

Eldar Wraitguards are not in the building anymore.... Nice work Commander...

Enemy sighted... taking aim...

This sergeant lost his last man as the witches charged in, he somehow survived and stood his ground... Leave no quarters for the Eldars.

The Eldar commanders was by now so despaired by their losses and pulled back, leaving the fields for the human reconquest.
A first and bloody nose was giving the Eldar race after their initial conquest of the planet by a surprise attack. The line was drawn and from now on, a series of hit and run attacks on the town and mayor factory's was planed. From now on the humans didn´t how to pull back and hide.
The tone was set. A first victory of "Conquista of the planet of Reichengrad" was given.

Although the casualties was mounted on the Death Korps side to, we can afford it. At last the Eldars was seeing a small glimpse of the cost it would take to keep the planet. We are grinding them down.

-For the Imperium the Emperor and the glory of the Death Korps. For the Conquista.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Ayyubid Warlord

After last battle of Hail Caesar it was obvious that I needed more commanders. The army was just to cumbersome to move about.

So here we got a new mounted commander to lead my Ayyubids in battle.
The miniatures are from Gripping Beast but the dark painted horse is from Magister Militums fantasy lines. Its got a little gooky, "my little pony" kind of look but I think by painting it really dark I got away from it rather good I think.
The standard is a new try, its a transfer on a tinfoil primed white. I think it looks great, I haven’t decided yet if I think it was a little pricy because at the same time you got a number of banner transfers on that sheet.

I tried to include more of the colours of white and red.
Atleast on the banner bearer.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Medieval Scandinavian warriors

After that last unit of Crusaders I really wanted to build some more Westerners.
The only problem was who?
I thought about just adding random units and use as opponents to the crusade project or maybe starting a French army for a crusade and then it hit me. Why not restart my Medieval Scandinavia project...

Here are some miniatures glued together using the Fireforge Foot sergeants as a base and adding new heads/helmets, some round shields and other bits from different Gripping Beast kits.

They were lots of fun to put together and by adding other kits you could really add some fun characters.

My only problem now is how to create archers that I will need for this project. As light infantry or to have mixed into the units.
I have fought about searching Ebay for those old Bretonnian plastic archers and use those as a base.
Maybe buy loose bows from Gripping Beast?
 But I will still need arrows or at least quivers, maybe make a greenstuff press-mould for that.

Any tip or help would be appreciated.