Tuesday 31 October 2023

Orcs of Mordor


An army worthy of Mordor...

I have for a long time felt the urge to get an Old School Orc force for Mordor...

Having for a long looked at Iron Mittens excellent Lord of the Rings collection and felt a need to get some old school Lord of the Rings miniatures my self.

So before the summer I made the decision to take the plunge and commit to this project. What you see in this post is the first batch of this project.

The miniatures are a mixture of metal miniatures and plastic miniatures.
Most of my metal miniatures are from Mirliton miniatures: https://www.mirliton.it/fantasy-25-28mm/orcs
But with some other miniatures from old GW Orcs and some older Mithril miniatures tossed in.
The plastic miniatures are a mixture of Oathmark miniatures, Wargames Atlantic and Warlord Games (ex Wargames factory) and GW:s Lord of the Rings miniatures.

I painted the miniatures in dark gray, almost black clothes with the red eye as a markings. I wanted the bases to be desert but I wanted to have vegetation so added some orange coloured ones for a more interesting bases.

This is the first batch of Orcs and I got more of these coming in the future.

Saturday 19 August 2023

Samaritan battlefield medical vehicle


I have now painted my Samaritan battlefield medical vehicle. An armoured ambulance.



For work in progress pictures of the unpainted vehicle look at the previous post:

A large flag is attached on the radiomast.

As all the weapons are either magnetised or pinned I can change it around or as seen here, removed and replaced with optics. The unarmed version is meant to be used as objective in special scenarios.

But what really makes this model pop is the medicae servitor that takes care of the wounded...
Way to much time was spent to make this construction work but I love how it turned out.

Some picture from the inside of medical beds and observation monitors.

Fully extended it gives the medicae servitor a long reach.

Here we can see the Samaritan with some of the field medics attached to the regular squads.
The combination of the medics with the Samaritan will ensure that a long siege would be possible and less costly so the numbers game will ever be in the favour of the Imperial forces...

More pictures of the field medics can be found here:

And at the end of the day you can pack it all up and the poor medicae servitor can get some rest at one of the beds...