Saturday, 5 April 2014

DAK reinforcements

These have been laying in my leadpile for over a year, I thought it was time to give them some love.

With the release of Perrys 28mm plastic ww2 miniatures and the rule set of Chain of Command that I read so much about recently I got the munches for DAK again.

To satisfy that hunger I painted some long awaited reinforcements to my army.
With a friend playing Americans in midwar I have felt that the PaK38 of my "early part of midwar" force didn´t  pack the punch needed to knock out those nasty Sherman tanks. Now I hope these PaK40 will fit the bill.

I also painted a platoon of infantry and a higher command team, the plan was to use him as my Second in Command in an infantry list.
The miniatures are a mix of Battlefront and Skytrex.

Heavy hitters.
 My new 2iC


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Terrain pieces

There always seems to be a lack of good terrain pieces and even thou I constantly add more terrain to the clubs inventory I always think that its a little thin on good terrain.

So here I got another small step in getting better looking terrain to the club.

Two small hills, nothing fancy, quick work that gives result.

 And here are some miniatures to get a better picture of the size of them.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Pictures from our "Veterans night"

Last Friday we had a "veterans night" at our club. With an age of 18+ it was okey to drink some beers at the club with was tasty indeed.

We tried to focus on some games we normally didn´t play that often and I bought my small fleet for Trafalgar, my Shaltari for Dropzone Commander and my collection of DBA to the club.

Here are a small picture dump of the event. Much fun was had with friends.
Although I didnt game any Dropzone Commander this day at least my miniatures took to the fields and won a victory in the hands of a friend.

And I finally did get to play with my Athenians, they have been waiting in their box since I painted them.

My enemy would be one of Xerxes 1000th conquered nations. I think they were Neo-Assyrians, dating back a couple of hundreds years before mine I guess but lets not be picky.

For you that have seen the last 300 movie you all know who won that clash...