Monday, 24 November 2014

Medieval Scandinavia Lion Rampant ?

Last week I went to Stockholm and I had decided to try out the Lion Rampant rules with Michale "Dalauppror"
So I scrambled what I got in my Scandinavian Medieval collection to see what I got.

It so turned out that I could muster a 24point host.
Michael and I decided that we would be playing in about the year 1219... And the search for the Dannebrog in the Baltics...

My host of Crusading Danes from the house of Hvide comprised of:
6 Mounted Men-at-arms *
6 Mounted Men-at-arms
6 Mounted Serjeants
12 Foot Serjeants
12 Crosbowmen

More about the actual game in a later post.
Thanks for the game Michael.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Småländska skyttar

I just finished a unit of Crossbowmen.

They are a combination of Fireforge and Gripping Beast miniatures and bits and I really like the result. By combining different kits you get so much more characters out of the miniatures.
And as a side result by combining Viking bits into medieval miniatures I get that feeling of medieval Scandinavia Im after.
And nothing screams medieval Sweden more then crossbows...

 I love this combination of Norse chainmail arms on the scale armour.

I wanted to have a rather generic unit. But have chosen to have much blue on the shields and some different designs of a Lindorm (almost the same as a English Wyvern The Lindorm seems to have been the mark of the house of Sverkers and seems to have had a special popularity in Småland (a region in Sweden) and by this my unit could count as Sverkers or as crossbowmen from Småland with out any problem. I will go into more details about the Sverkers in a later post.

Sorry for the bad pictures, the "daylight" is terrible... Lousy weather.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Danish knights

I thought that Ebbe Sunesen Hvide couldn´t be alone so I have converted and painted some knights for him.

They are meant to represent knights from, or bearing the colours of the Danish Hvide family with some modifications and alterations to have a more lively unit.

I have mixed in some Griping Beast Hirdmen heads and given some of them axes to show their Norse heritage...
I was some horses short and thus I have to mix in some Perrys War of the Roses horses but I think it worked out fine. And as everything else, Perry does some nice looking horses.

Those FireForge miniatures are sure fun to put together.

And combining these with some Danish Sergeants I painted a while ago I can make up a rather nice looking unit.
It might look a bit strange with half of them in red and half of them in blue though..

Monday, 10 November 2014

Crusade AAR, County of Tripoli vs Ayyubid Egypt

We wanted to have a new big battle with our Crusader collection.

So our forces was drawn up and distributed into two somewhat equal forces.
The back story was that with the arrival of new crusaders by ship the County of Tripoli would raise a mercenary army and together with these and its standing forces march southwards.
The spies of the Ayyubid dynasty picked up their movement and mustered its own forces and marched to meet this threat.
The rules used was Hail Caesar

Ayyubid left flank. Skirmishers, heavy cavalry and some light cav.

Opposing this was the right flank of the Westerners, closest we can see some hard veterans and further away the Danish Crusaders who had just arrived to serve the lord.

The crusaders battle line...

Muslim mercenaries in the sold of County of Tripoli.
Furthers away on the Westerners left flank was the heavy cavalry of Tripoli.

Opposing this I had deployed my Mamluk heavy cavalry, my overall commander, some Turcoman horsearchers and a unit of African tribal skirmishers.

The Saharan brigade was deployed behind this old ruin.

On my first round I closed in into archer range nothing mayor happen. In the Crusaders turn they ordered a all out charge... And they were in distance, ok didn´t think they could charge that soon.
So their I was... I had told my self not to engage my Mamluks to early this time and I had to decide a charge reaction for my Mamluks on the first turn... Darn it.
I went with the countercharge as I did not want to get totally owned in the melee that would follow.

Here you can see my flanking unit of heavy cavalry all in the wrong position because of the counter-charge I did...
Muslim mercenary medium and light cavalry joins in.
Atleast I had a unit of Turcoman in support

The result of the fight was that... I think we did wrong here and counted this as two separate fights rather then one big. I guess its time to reread that rulebook...
Anyhow the result as we played meant after some dicerolls that the Knights of Tripoli was pushed back, one of my Mamluk unit was wiped out and its supporting Turcomans was pushed back with severe casualties. 

Next turn I charged in with my next cavalry unit and with some tribals in the rear. 

On my left flank the Danes pushes forwards as my cavalry are pushed back from a lone crossbow bolt from the Tought Veteran Crusader unit.

The Danish Crusader contingent in all its glory.

Heavy arab cavalry charges the Veteran Crusaders in the flank as light cavalry manages to push into their rear with three successfully orders.
They are also joined in with some skirmishing support..

And why not push in a Commander while at it...
The veteran crusader unit got totally trashed.

And the steam rolling Heavy cavalry unit keeps going...
Things have cleared up on my right flank because of some extremely good diceroling, I mean I was an excellent commander here...

The Mercenaries moves out.

New battle lines are drawn up.

The supported Heavy Cavarly steamroll keeps going...

My central infantry brigade tries to form up.

The Danish crusader contingent got totally trashed by the flank charges of the Ayyubid left flank.

Here we decided to call it a day, a mighty victory for the Ayyubids.
On my right flank I got nothing left really but I had managed to stop the Crusaders push and they had mostly light troops left and not any real hitters to push further with, the center was still lining up for the big battle. I had no hurry to send my medium levy troops against their heavy infantry so I was totally fine with this.
On my left flank the Egyptian cavalry had totally dominated the battle.

Big thanks for all the players involved, it was another total chaotic and hilarious game of  Hail Caesar.