Sunday, 23 April 2017

Patrol mission, Death Korps vs Tyranid AAR 40k

Today I had a game of 40k

Some of the players had a special day of Tyranid vs Imperial Guards games.
Each force is a 1000pts force and the plan was to have some different forces to borrow to people to try it out. It could be 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 and so on.
Each game is added together for an final result at the end of the day.

I brought some miniatures and wanted to be a part of it.
I had two really different forces prepared but in the end I talked to much with the guys and we went out for some food so I really just had time for one game.

Before the game I told my friend Håkan that I wanted to try out a rather different force and asked for forgiveness well in ahead... I would be playing the Armoured Battle Group from the Imperial Armour vol 1 book.

Håkan took a pre prepared Tyranid force at random. His force would contain a Genestealer heavy force with some Lictors and some other greater beast.
I took far to few pictures from this game Im afraid.

Tank commander in a Vanquisher tank with Artificial hull and extra Beast hunter ammunition.

Atlas recovery vehicle.

Thunder Siege tank
Leman Russ Punisher
Leman Russ Exterminator

Heavy support:
Griffon heavy mortar carrier
Griffon heavy mortar carrier

We would be playing and old scenario from I think it is 3ed rule book, Patrol.
So apparently some one high up the command had decided to send my armoured company in an patrol mission in the forest.

Each player would have one troop choice on the table and the rest of force would arrive from reserve.
I choice a Thunder siege tank as my scouting troop and it got contact with a small group of genestealers.
We would be given points for how much points of enemy we had destroyed at the end of the game.

I choice to have the Thunder deployed as my reconnaissance element. The plan was to have it in firepositon as early as possible.

I won the roll for getting the first turn and started to blast away with the big gun of the siege tank.

When it was time to start to roll for reinforcement all but one tank arrive. This meant that well ahead of enemy movement I would have a solid firebase.

After my initial movement to enter the table it really wasnt any point of moving my tanks as the mission only gave points for destroying the enemy and I was facing a close combat force with my tanks.
All the movements from now on was just to get a better fire position.

My Atlas recovery vehicle makes a battlefield debut, way overcosted for a moving heavy bolter platform but in a force like this you really got to have one.
I guess that if my tanks decides to get bogged down moving in the forest it could come in handy dragging them out again but really I see no real point in including one then for the rule of cool.

Håkan had some bad luck with his reserves and the Tyranids were only arriving piecemeal much to my tank commanders liking...

And with the special Beasthunter ammunition available to my tank commander, granting my Vanquisher instant death special rule on its big gun the mighty beast was killed... Håkan did roll a one on his coversave so even with the creatures special rule of added cover save that was not enough..

We decided to call it here, Håkans reinforcements would not be enough to impact the game in any big way. My gunline had no motivation to close in on the enemy and as the enemy force didnt have any firepower to speak of all he could do was run towards my big tanks and get gunned down...

So their you have it, a small after action report of a rather special and unfortunately rather one sided game, it really wasnt much Håkan could have done with the special force that was available to him and his really really bad dice roll of cover save didnt help either..

So two rather special themed forces on a mission that really didnt help to balance it makes this a short game in the end.

I dont know the end result for the campaign but when I left the Tyranids where leading the result. Glad I could contribute to some Imperial honour at least.

Here are some other pictures from the other games.

And the event ended with a near total victory for the Tyranids with a result of 5-1.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Game 5, final Big battle: Horus Heresy - Escalation Campaing, Lacum Itineribus

Game 5, Final Big battle: Horus Heresy - Escalation Campaing, Lacum Itineribus

This is the 5th and final for our 500pts Escalation campaign day game.

Some of the players had to drop out because of worldly reasons but we were still some players left for another game.

My Alpha Legion would again be playing on the Loyalist side and the Night Lords player added another 500pts to his army, this meant that he would be able to include a Land Raider...
Not all of this was painted as our goal for this day was to have 500pts painted army and he would suffer from the "preferred enemy: unpainted" that all the painted miniatures got.
A rule that I had forgotten to use earlier in the day.

We knew that a traitor Preator with terminator bodyguards was hosted inside the big Landraider.
No volunteers to face them were initially found.
We could really not leave objective "5" free for the taking so a really risky plan with my tactical squad would face them and trying to hold them as the Raven Guards flanking me tried to disable the Landraider.

Iron Hand Breachers and Dorodeo Dreadnought was set up defensively and a Space Wolves Dreadnought was set up as a counter charge unit, to strike were the opportunities opened.

My terminator squad had infiltrated close to objective "3"

The Landraider stormed forward and the front door opened and the Night Lords Preator charged my tacticals with his terminator bodyguards. As was expected for troops of the Alpha Legion I managed to take down two terminators with reaction fire... Ok, granted... that might have been a little better then I could even wish for...

With no time to spill, the Raven Guards now tries to catch the Landraider as their sergeant had an meltabomb.

A large unit of Word Bearers and their commander tried to deepstrike just besides my tacticals but the scatter dice meant they would be deployed on top of my tacticals and after a roll on a 1 they were all counted as casualties...
Neat... My elite troopers had defeated all of the Word Bearers infantry by just being deployed at the right place at the right time.
As we all know, I had sabotaged his deepstrike before the battle with infiltrators and the moment they tried to deploy the Word Bearers were all dead... That must have been the only reason... That or some rather bad dice rolls but I choose to believe in the sabotage option...

After something like 3 or 4 miraculous rounds of combat and still not defeated by those monsters my gallant troops were helped by a Dreadnought.

Space Wolves charges the Emperors Children. My initial push with my terminators had resulted in much casualties, that darn Word Bearer Dreadnought with plasma cannon had found a liking to shoot at them by now...

With the help of the Space Wolves Dreadnought my Tacticals had defeated the Night Lord commander.
The Landraider was starting to back up as the Raven Guards tried to damage it and Night Lords got reinforcements in the form of deepstriking jump pack infantry.

The Night Lord Landraider managed to shoot of the gun arm of the Dreadnought but it was still alive.

As the Dreadnought chased after the Landraider for payback my tacticals extracted the objective "5"

My Terminators carrying objective "3" back to our lines were chased by Night Lord jump infantry and the Emperors Children commander and his bodyguards.

I told the Space Wolves to form a line in front of my stalling the enemy long enough for my troops to extract the objective. They were unfortunately to slow to react and the Night Lords and the Emperors Children.
The Emperors Children commander challenged my sergeant but this was a opponent my sergeant could not match and my Terminators were all destroyed.

By now the unit that I had extracted the objective were ready for another round and managed to outflank the enemy coming in from the side of the table or the rear from this combat.
The Night Lords were not locked in combat any more and I was able to rapid fire them from the rear. Joining my firefight the Iron Hand Breachers opened up with their bolters on the Night Lords. They took some casualties but were still standing.

In the traitor turn the Night Lords charged the Iron Hands and the Emperors Children commander charged my outflanking tacticals to hinder me from snatching the objective when the traitors were locked in combat. That was a fatal decision for the Emperors children as I managed to wound the commander with reaction fire and somehow eventually win the close combat against him also.
This meant that as the Night Lords and the Iron Hands were slaughtering their troops against each other, my tacticals could advance and secure the objective and start extracting it.

As you might have noticed, my commander managed to evade the camera this game and you might wonder what he did... Acting really really sneaky is the answer...

Initially he was deployed in the vicinity of the Iron Hands Breachers and their commander to add that extra punch with his thunder hammer as we were weary of where the Night Lords would deploy their deepstriking troops. When my terminators started to turn backwards with one of the objectives, the Iron Hands started to move up to greet the enemy following me.
My commander initially followed this tactics but later diverted and climbed and captured the centre objective. As the enemy were occupied with the larger units he was left alone as he moved backwards with the objective.

When the dust settled my Alpha Legion had secured and extracted all three of the objectives. A great victory for the loyalist.
The question to be asked is if the loyalist got the benefit of the objectives in the aftermath in this campaign...

And in the last battle ( loyalist Alpha Legion were seen destroying all units of the traitor Alpha Legions, their Headhunters, the special weapon team and their commander. Were they really killed or were it all a scheme to make it look like it? Where they in reality just covering up their tracks or any witnesses?

And the disastrous deepstriking of the Word Bearers in this game, were they sabotaged or were it just the standard dangers of deepstriking that befell them?

So many questions that are open for consideration and so much that is uncertain, as is to be expected by the Alpha Legion...

All in all the Alpha Legion had made an almost perfect performance in this campaign day as is expected... ("martial hubris" an all that...) In the big battles they had extracted 3 out of 3 objective in this game and 2 out of 3 in the previous, they have the cultist preacher in their custody as well as the other suspects, they have killed most of the informers and collected all their data and finally almost all secret informations about the governing lords of the Hive city is in the Alpha Legion hands.

It will be really interesting to see what this performance will have on the campaign as a whole.
And as I played as loyalist the last two games, will this strengthen the overall factor for the loyalist, will this cancel out the overall better performance of Traitor forces in the campaign day for a more status qou which might make future Alpha Legion operations far easier to keep hidden?

As seems to be the case with Alpha Legion, the more you dig the more you find... Questions seems to lead to nothing but more questions.

A big thanks for all involved in this campaign and a special thanks to Daniel Stennert for his work and pushing of this as its gaming master.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Game 4, Big battle: Horus Heresy - Escalation Campaing, Lacum Itineribus

Game 4, Big battle: Horus Heresy - Escalation Campaing, Lacum Itineribus

This is the battle 4 for me in our 500pts Escalation campaign.

Some of the players could not stay the whole day and dropped out.
At the same time as Tobias and I played our small battle (game 3 in this series some of the other players played a big battle with multiple players on each side.

Fredrik, the commander of the Word Bearers had also finished his smaller battle and was freed up for more gaming and thus it was decided that our forces would be allowed to be deployed as reserves and as deepstrike if we so choose.
The Word Bearers looked more "traitory" and my Alpha Legion would therefore be playing for the Loyalist this game.

And thus our forces was thrown right into the action...

Iron Hands has a nice looking defensive formation, their commander is closing in on the big black dice on top of the building to the right as this was an objective to secure and be carried out of the table.

Word bearers troops deepstrike in the open area as their dreadnought moves in from the rear.

Night Lords Doredeo dreadnought are looked in combat with Raven Guards infiltratiors.

A Space Wolf dreadnought are seen amongst the Iron Hands.

The Word Bearers dreadnought again... I just love this conversion, it looks so mean.

Empires children's commander with his elite bodyguards are at the centre of the board and closes in on the Iron Hands positions. Behind him but hard to spot are Traitor Alpha Legion forces in the form of a specialist weapons teams all with flamers and the Alpha Legion commander.

As the Space Wolves dreadnought moves closes to the Word Bearers the Emperors Children strike...

Iron Hands breachers shoots reaction fire as the imperial purple clad traitor marines charges...

Loyalist turn and my forces are allowed to deepstrike, my terminators scatters and have to take the fight from here. Traitor Alpha Legion headhunters to the left and Night Lords to the right... We are right in the middle of the fray...

As the Emperors Children is in combat, their commander in a duel with the Iron Hands sergeant my Alpha Legion Centurion charges in with his mighty Thunder hammer...

 Making short work of anyone he hits... But it is not over yet...

The Space Wolf dreadnought charges in...

On our left flank these Raven Guards seems to be in trouble from the Emperors Children...

The Raven Guards that was in combat with Night Lords Dorodeo are now free after taking the big dreadnought out of action. The Word Bearers dreadnought charges the Space Wolf one as the Iron Hands Dorodea dreadnoughts opens up with all its weapons on some poor Night Lords troops trying to grab an objective...

The combined might of the Iron Hands breachers and my Centurion was able to destroy the Emperors Childrens onslaught...  A tactical redeployment was in order as the Word Bearers dreadnought had made short work of the Space Wolves one and was closing in... fast...

The Raven Guards infantry was trying to use its elevated position to move past the Word Bearers commander.

Dreadnought closing in...

And charges... And unfortunately wins the combat without even breaking a sweat.
After the swift combat it changes position and are facing the Iron Hands dorodeo as it was planing to have its thicker front armour in its facing...
Little did he know that to turn an unguarded back to an Alpha Legion was a bad mistake...

My Commander closes in and was able to take the last hull point by throwing an krack grenade...

On the table outside the camera, my last terminator had managed to climb the hight building in the centre of the table and grab that objective and was moving down with it into safety. My tactical squad that I didnt manage to capture on camera (must bee their shiny armour that plays tricks on any form of sensors...), they had managed to take out the traitor Alpha Legion commander and his specialist weapon team. They were even able to charge in on the last traitor Alpha Legion headhunters and grab the objective they were carrying...
So two out of three moveable objectives secured by the Alpha Legion troops and my commander was standing besides the burning hull of a dreadnought on objective "3" as seen on the last picture.
My Alpha Legion had done good, damn good.

All in all a really great intense game with a great success for my troops.