Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Forest goblin reinforcements

I have painted up some reinforcements to my Forest Goblin army.
A unit of spearmen, an small unit of trolls and and a shaman on foot.

The spearmen are a mixture of the plastic riders from the spiderriders and the howda crew from the big mama spider. All bought second hand after a long time of searching.

The trolls where also bought second hand and was surprisingly good painted.
So I just added darker marking on the back with darker stripes, gave them lighter tones on the belly and underside of arms and such. After this a couple of different washes and blends and some highlights. All in all just added onto the details the original painter had given them.
The look I was after was to have them look like a "European Perch" 

The shaman on foot is an Ebay purchase, in reality to expensive for his size but I wanted at least some old school miniatures into my Forest Goblin force.

For rules Im not sure how to play the forest goblins on foot. Maybe use the rules for regular goblins and not the nightgoblins, at least back in the days Forest goblins use to have the exact same stats as regular goblins.
With my opponents permission maybe swap out a keyword for "spiderfang" so they belong to the same faction as my regular spider riders, rulewise.

Friday, 12 April 2019

Khurshid area of the city of Paimanah, Parvana Mahrukh System. Horus Heresy campaing game 5

Khurshid area of the city of Paimanah, Parvana Mahrukh System

This is the fifth game in the Horus Heresy Campaign of Parvana Mahrukh.
Parvana Mahrukh prime is the most important planet in the Parvana Mahrukh system and it is here we again see the action.

The last game of the campaign can be fount at: http://kampgruppe-engel.blogspot.com/2018/11/dawn-attack-om-base-yuditskaya-parvana.html

For the whole campaign look here: http://kampgruppe-engel.blogspot.com/search/label/Campaign%20-%20Parvana%20Mahrukh

Paimanah was a larger city from ages ago.

Long before the East Fringe Trading Company had set its eyes on Parvana Mahrukh, the city had been the capital of the Benafsha region.

Local warlords and clans had fought over the control of the city for hundreds of years and in times of peace parts of the city had been rebuilt.
The city of Paimanah is so large that even through most of the city is in ruins today part of the city is rebuild in local areas or centers. Smaller villages or local communities have sprung up in the ruins of what once was the Paimanah city.
The citizens can only look at the ruined city in awe of all the might and knowledge of their ancestors from a long lost time.

New roads have sprung up in the ruined landscapes and trading and movement is important between the smaller villagers in the former city.

The ruined city offered "natural" bottlenecks in the trade routs between these villages and the Expeditional Protection Force had moved in and occupied some of these areas to get control of who and what can be travel on the roads.
Some Civilians in the city thinks that these roadblocks or customs or checkpoints as the Expeditional Protection Force calls it, have had an dampening effect on the local warlords and the citizens have felt an higher sense of protection and security.
The roadblocks and customs have had a negative effect on the trading income of the Eastern Trading Company. The customs and the roadblocks cost money, takes times, and makes it harder to export some more valuable artifacts and trading goods.
This cant be tolerated and the area of Khurshid was chosen as an area to attack and open up a free trade route without the interference of pesky Expeditional Protection Force troops and customs...

We would play an 2000pts game of Solar Auxilia vs Militia.
The scenario we would play is an old scenario but we had decided the attacker and the defender before hand.

Here are the list we played.

Imperialis Militia Army 1995
275p - Force Commander: Master crafted Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Melta Bombs, Digital laser, Infravisor, cyber familiar (integrated in Armour), Carapace Armour, Iron Halo, Planetary overlord: Merchant Priceling (1 unit gets +1 AP to its weapons), Provenances of war: Survivors of the dark age (All gets +1 save), Warrior Elite (All gets +1 LD)

105p - Auxilia Platoon Command Cadre
1 Platoon Commander: Power Sword, Hand flamer, Melta Bombs, Refractor field,
1 Vox Operator: Las Pistol, Close Combat Weapon
1 Platoon Standard Bearer, Laspistol, Close Combat Weapon
6 Militia Bodyguards: Lascrbines, Carapace Armour, Advanced weapons
75p - Rhino: Twin Bolter, Hunter killer missile, Dozer Blade, Extra Armour, Auxiliary drive

90p - Auxilia Platoon Command Cadre
1 Platoon Commander: Power Sword, Hand flamer, Melta Bombs,
1 Vox Operator: Las Pistol, Close Combat Weapon
1 Platoon Standard Bearer, Laspistol, Close Combat Weapon
6 Militia Bodyguards: Lascrbines, Advanced weapons
75p - Rhino: Twin Bolter, Hunter killer missile, Dozer Blade, Extra Armour, Auxiliary drive

80p - Militia Infantry Squad
Sergeant: Melta Bombs, Laspistol, Power Sword
Squad: Lascarbines, krak grenades

150p - Grenadier Squad
Sergeant: Melta Bombs, Laspistol, Power Sword
Squad: 19 Grenadiers, Lascarbines, krak grenades, 2 Meltaguns, Advanced Weapons

150p - Grenadier Squad
Sergeant: Melta Bombs, Laspistol, Power Axe
Squad: 19 Grenadiers, Lascarbines, krak grenades, 2 Meltaguns, Advanced Weapons

150p -Grenadier Squad
Sergeant: Melta Bombs, Laspistol, Power Axe
Squad: 19 Grenadiers, Lascarbines, krak grenades, 2 Meltaguns, Advanced Weapons

240p - Fire Support Squad: 8 Missile Launchers: Flak missiles

70 - Medicae Detachment: 6 Orderlies

295p - 4 Ogryn Brutes: 4 Heavy Bolters Carapace armour

120p - Sentinel Scout Squad: 3 Sentinels: 3 Lascannons

150p - Leman Russ Battle Tank: Hull Lascannon
150p - Leman Russ Battle Tank: Hull Lascannon
175p - Leman Russ Battle Tank: Hull Lascannon, Sponsons: Heavy Bolters, Pintle Heavy Stubber

 ++ Solar Auxilia) [1999pts] ++ 
 + HQ + 
Auxilia Tactical Command Section [95pts]: Veteran Auxiliaries, Veteran Auxiliaries . Strategos: Close Combat Weapon, Laspistol . Veteran Special Weapon Auxiliaries: Grenade Launcher . Veteran Special Weapon Auxiliaries: Grenade Launcher 
Lord Marshal [167pts]: Artificer Armour, Blast pistol, Digital Lasers, Displacer Matrix, Grav-wave generator, Lord Marshal, Master-crafted weapon, Paragon Blade 

 + Elites + 
 Auxilia Medicae Detachment [75pts]: 
4x Medicae Orderly 

Auxilia Ogryn 
Charonite Squad [185pts]: 3x Ogryn Charonite 

Auxilia Rapier Battery [140pts] . Rapier Team: Quad Mortar (frag & shatter shells) . Rapier Team: Quad Mortar (frag & shatter shells) 

Household Retinue Squad [285pts]: Shroud Bombs . 
Auxilia Arvus Lighter Orbital Shuttle: Armoured Cockpit, Flare Shield, Flare/chaff launcher, Twin-linked Autocannon 
. Prime: Power Weapon 

+ Troops +
Auxilia Infantry Tercio [412pts] . 
Auxilia Flamer Section . . Aurox Armoured Transport: Heavy Flamer .
 . Sergeant: Laspistol, Power Weapon

 . Auxilia Lasrifle Section . . Sergeant: Blast Pistol, Power Fist, Troop Master

 . Auxilia Lasrifle Section . . Sergeant: Charnabal Sabre, Laspistol 

Auxilia Infantry Tercio [345pts] . 
Dracosan Armoured Transport: Demolisher Cannon, Flare Shield, Pintle-mounted Multi-laser. 
Veletaris Storm Section: Shroud Bombs . 
. Prime: Charnabal Sabre 

 + Heavy Support + 
 Auxilia Malcador Infernus Special Weapons Tank [295pts]: Armoured Ceramite, Pintle-mounted multi-laser

The Solar Auxilia troops under the Eastern Fringe Trading Company starts their attack.

The reserves of the Eastern Fringe Trading Company starts to arrive, in the Arvus Lighter the Lord Marshal Alexandr himself with his Household retinue. The plan is to strike at the heart of the enemy...

 The mighty Malcador Infernus... Its flame template should wreak havoc in a cityfight...

The ruling House of Naryshkin have used some of its wast wealth to train xenos warbeasts and have sent some of these with the officers with noble blood in their expedition with the Eastern Fringe Trading Company.

An ambush is sprung, a unit of missile launchers run into their designated fire position. The problem with moving into position to launch an ambush is that the missile launchers are heavy to carry and this makes it hard to hit the enemy Aurox apc moving forward.

The Aurox survives the ambush as frankly... running and shooting is with missile launchers are a bad idea...
Supporting infantry moves in and finishes the task.

But the Solar Auxilia unit inside manages to get away and takes cover in the ruin.

An Militia Leman Russ Battle tank is taken out.

An Solar Auxilia Veletaris Storm Section storms out of their Dracosan armoured transport. With their Volkites they manages to take out a Sentinel.

The Malcador Infernus is taking fire, resulting in loss of hullpoints and immobilisation. 

The Lord Marshal Alexandr opens the rear door in mid flight to get a better look at the enemy...

The massive xeno warbeasts of the House Naryshkin moves up.

The Lord Marshal and his Household retinue dismount from their Arvus Lighter and takes up a good fire position.

Finnaly the crew of the immobelised Malcador Infernus have shaken of the stunning of their vehicle and a stream of liqiuid chemical fire is unleached at the enemy.

The Solar Auxilia infantry have left the protection of their ruins and fixed their bayonettes...
In the bombscattered landscape hand to hand combat is still supreem...

The trained xeno warbeasts are massive compare to a human, even the trained grenadiers in power armour is puny in comparison...

The Sergeants of these units have offered its counterpart an challange and a duel insues.
The Militia Sergeant readies his massive power axe for a powerfull swing.. But Sergeant Seraphim Uvarov uses his duelist egde of his charnabal sabre and the militia sergeant is cut down....

Sergeant Seraphim Uvarov orders his squad to move out, it is high time to move out at the objective.

Ogryn sized Combat servitors attacks the Solar Auxilia from the rear.

The Expeditional Protection Force also have the important ruin area at the centre as its target. The one that controlls this area controlls the roads and thus the movement in the Khurshid area.
With its Rhino apc:s the EPF advances.

The Solar Auxilia Lord Marshal Alexandr and his Household retinue have mounted their Arvus Lighter again and is pressing in at the centre at low height.
But the pilot is flying to low, and hits parts of the ruins that sticks up as he passes over it and gets immobilised. 

Troopmaster Natailia Koluchev crosses the corner of the ruined building, she is leading the counter movement against the militia combat servitors.
The Malcador Infernus must be protected.

The warbeasts continues their rampage... And a Leman Russ Battletank is taken out.

 The Expeditonal Protection Force is holding the centre of the ruin.

But it is heavily contested.. all troops is moving in on this position...

Troopmaster Natailia Koluchev have lost many of her soldiers to the enemy combat servitors.

The Eastern Fringe Trading Company is getting desperate and the mighty Dracosan is ordered to fire, danger close... Its a risk the commander was willing to take at this time.
But the gunner was highly skilled and Force Commander Stein is nowhere to be seen in the cloud of dust after the demolisher cannon and the Volkites from the Veletaris storm section...

A massive hole is apparent in the militia force defences as the dust and falling gravel settles...

Troopmaster Natailia Koluchev is taken out by the Combat servitors and the last of her men are forced to flee.

But the Khurshid area is under the control by the Solar Auxilia.
A victory for the House of Naryshkin and its Eastern Fringe Trading Company.