Sunday, 20 January 2019

Death Korps Engineering vehicle

I had this idea of an engineering vehicle for a couple of years now so it feels nice to finally have the model built up and painted.

It is losly based on the Ingenjörsbandvagn 120 or AEV 3 Kodiak but on an Leman Russ chassi. 
I had bought an toy on the market that I cut to pieces and attached with 

Rulewise I will use it as an Atlas.

I kept the Volvo logo as I wanted to show the original parts. The idea is that they used parts of an ancient Volvo STC and attached it on an Leman Russ.

An holy saint in copper for extra protection..

Here with her sister vehicle Ive made earlier.

And here under is some wip pictures from the building.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

40k AAR: Imperium vs Chaos

We had a two vs two game of 40k yesterday.
My Death Korps of Krieg would join forces with an Vostroyans and Blood Angels.
We were tasked to assault an Chaos infested city held by Death Guard traitor marines and traitor Imperial Guard elements.

Besides this the city were also infested with smaller elements of zombie and genestealer warbands (acting as npc:s), this city really need the Imperial liberation.

An Grand Assault were ordered were wave after wave would be used to cleanse the city of enemies and secures six objectives. If we could not secure all six objectives it would be a victory for the traitor forces.

It was a really bloody game where wave after wave of imperial guard infantry were used to push against the opponents.
We managed secure one objective rather quickly but after that it was a struggle. Lacking any dedicated close combat units besides some rather heroic officers all the ruined building was a problem for taking out the enemy.

An enemy terminator squad in old Cataphracti pattern terminator armour made an all out counter assault and pushed deep into our back lines. They would be a constant problem and with the aid of an foul sorcerer that boosted their combat strength even further we tossed unit after units against them as we were given constant reserves and the life of an imperial soldier is gladly given for the greatness of the Imperium.
My Death Korps Marshal managed to cut the sorcerer down with a relic blade and the spell on the terminators ebbed out and the endless waves of mortals were taking their toll on the terminators, the last ones were finally cut down.
I tested out the Centaurs in 8th edition and with some luck and good use of cover they proven to be surprisingly resilient, saving the other forces under our command from lots of incoming fire.
In the end a warband of zombies ( an npc unit) had made a base on the rooftop with the last objective. I sent small battered squads of Death Korps at the building.
The Grenadiers were first into the building and were searching the second floor when the zombies left the rooftop and assaulted them. The Grenadiers manages to hold them back and were locked in a bitter fight for their life.
The Imperial forces were quick to respond.
An unit of Death Korps Engineers used grappling hooks (stratagem) and climbed the facade of the building. The rooftop was unprotected and the engineers managed to secure the last objective.
An victory for the Imperium. Huzza...