Thursday, 27 October 2016

French Crusading force for Lion Rampant

I never got around getting a complete army picture of my French Crusading force for Lion Rampant. About time to get the all together in one picture...

2x Knights
1x Serjeants
2x Crossbowmen

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Death Korps, Blood Angers vs Eldar, Orks - 40k AAR

Last weekend we had a four player game of 40k.

Each player fielded 2000pts in an Imperium vs Xenos game

My Death Korps would be allying with Blood Angels versus Orks and Eldar.

The Rhino is popping smoke to give it some concealment.

Im down to one Thunderer and our centre is hard press.

Eldar warwalkers, Orc airplane and infantry... all rushing in trying to take out my artillery sisters...

The Ork gigantic robot thingy was blasted to pieces by my Laser Destroyer Battery in the ruined building.

A glorious charge and challenge earning us a victory point for uttering an challenge. The Imperial junior officer didnt last long against the witch unfortunately. But a worthy sacrifice for the greater schemes of things.

The enemy closed in on my artillery pieces, I tried to fire at the centre of the table as much as I could. Every round of gameplay where they were still firing meant that I could rain death on the important parts of the table.

Some Wraith guards was unloaded almost ontop of my last Thunderer and made short work of it...

We had a tough fight with the Bloodangels battleing Dire Avengers and Orks and their psyker.

I got nothing to really protect my Basilisks and their firepower is much more needed elsewhere. We are trying to clean up the centre of the table were most objectives are located. It felt strange of not firing back and the Basilisk were taken apart one by one.
An expensive price but well worth it in the end.

 The last Eldar Banshees are no more...

 The Hydra AA tank is firing at the Ork plane.

Enemy lines are thinning out and our right flank is pressing forth. The Grav tanks are taking a lot of hits.

After a devastated retaliation bombardment from my Griffons the Ork unit was down to the last Orks, now in much more continent numbers..
The last Basilisk is silenced but they rained death to the centre of the board for much to long for my enemies amusement.

And with that we ended the game. A really nice game ending in a victory for the Imperium.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Norse archers

Here we have some mutch neaded archers for my norsemen.

Some more kitbashing. Mostly Conquests games plastic archers with Gripping Beast Dark age warriors but with some heads and bits from their Hirdmen box and Fireforge Rus.

I must say that Conquest Games has really stepped up the game with their plastic archers and plan to buy another box. The arms and heads are not the same fitting as the other miniature makers but with some work you can combine them with others.

Sunday, 25 September 2016


I bought the Rus infantry from Fireforge games knowing I would use them...

Seeing the latest trailer for the coming Russian movie Viking made me kitbash some of the Fireforge Russians with Gripping Beast Hirdmen. Enought to make a small unit in Lion/Dragon Rampant.


That combined with the whole eastern Norsemen, and their lack of attention in this more English orientation miniatures gaming world.
This is a whole new world to explore, sailing the rivers of Volga, crossing the Caspian sea and dragging the boats all the way to Byzantium, Persia and trading steel for those Ulfberht swords…   

For those who have missed it:

Granted the movie will probobly not be as good as I want it to be but still... Rus Vikings...

For those interersted in the plastic Rus box from Fireforge Games, here are some reviews: