Tuesday, 17 May 2016

New pictures for the French crusader crossbowmen

I wasnt happy with the pictures of the French Crusader crossbowmen and as it wasnt raining when I was home on my lunch hour I took some new pictures on the miniatures.

Im mutch more happy with these, it really shows what light does to the pictures. Even when these pictures are taken with the phone they are mutch better.

Hope you enjoy.

Monday, 16 May 2016

French crusader crossbowmen

 Edit: Better pictures of this unit can now be found in the post above (kampgruppe-engel.blogspot.se/2016/05/new-pictures-for-french-crusader.html)

I have for some time now thought about getting some French soldiers for the crusader era. Here are are the start of such an force.

For the start I painted two units of crossbowmen in Lions Rampant terms or one standard sized unit and one small sized in Hail Caesar. The are actually two miniatures to much in this batch but thats because I was missing two miniature in an earlier painted unit.

I went with one unit carrying a rather generic "French" colours of blue with a yellow "French lilly" , the other unit is carrying the colours of the House of Lusignan, http://wappenwiki.org/index.php/House_of_Lusignan and which happen to look similar in style to the House of Hvite, http://kampgruppe-engel.blogspot.se/2014/11/ebbe-sunesen-hvide-af-knardrup.html from my Medieval Scandinavian project making it easy for these to have more then one use.


Sorry for the bad pictures, its not easy balancing my small son in one arm keeping him from arms reach of the miniatures and the camera in the other combined with the lousy weather and sunlight.

Edit: Here are some more pictures I took with the phone.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Defence force pictures

Today when I was walking past the town square here in Växjö I was quick to notice all the people and nice looking equipment and vehicles.
At the town square was a gathering of help and defense organizations and people. There were the police, fireforce, sea rescue and so on but most interesting for me was the military engineering vehicles . As I made my military service in an Enginering company those things got an special place in my hart. I was more into mining and destruction then these here that were more into fixing things up instead.

 These pictures could come in handy for future painting and converting references and though I should share these with you to.

 Notice the chains for snowy or muddy terrain.

 Military firetruck
I really liked this tractor

What a beast.. Enginering variant of an Leopard 2

 Rear end of the Sisu, referencses for stripes and warning colours. Notice the orange emergency light ontop of the vehicle.
 Paint chipping reference... ;)

That is a lot of muscle power...

More paintchipping reference...

Giving the lady back her handbag

Mines... in the sand behind they had mineclearing. The kids could test an metall detector and was later awarded and choclade gold coin upon suceeding.

Now about those Engineering vehicles... damn I must get me a couple of those for my Imperial Guards in 40k...