Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Wip - Atlas recovery vehicle, 40k

Here are som 'Work in progress' pictures of my Atlas recovery vehicle for my Death Korps in Warhammer 40k.
Damn it is fun kitbashing and converting this....
Here she is after the base priming.

Edit: Here are som earlier WiP pictures before priming.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

new terrain

Just a small post on some terrain I painted for my club. I had these laying around for some time now and I was just missing the last details to make them tabletop.
The buildnings are from Dust tactics.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Álfer mot Vættr, Dragon Ramart AAR

This saturday Johan and I had a really nice game of Dragon Rampart. Johan have long looked at my Treemoss fantasy project (kampgruppe-engel.blogspot.se/search/label/Skägglavsfantasy) and its nice to have him tag along. He is currently building an Álfen force which Im looking forward to see grow.

Johans Álfen force consisted of:
Álfen lord - Elite Foot* with Fleet footed
2x Álfen archers - Light Archers, Sharpshooter, Fleet footet 
Álfen sorceress - Scout
Wisps - Ravenous horde 

My Vätte warband consisted of:
Vätte leader accompanied with Vättar - Light foot, Mixed weapons, Fearful
- Light foot, Mixed weapons, Fearful
2x Vätte trackers - Scouts
Vätte bärsärkar - Bellicose foot
Trolls - Heavy foot, Offensive, reduced models
Bear - Lesser warbeast, single model

The game we would be playing was decided by a dice roll with meant scenario D: The Crystal Gale.
Basicly we had a number of objectives to get in base contact to claim. We decided to skip the side Quests for now.
The black rounded objects on the pictures below was the objects.


Vätte warhost.

The Vättar was up to a great start, advancing all over

The Álfars take up possitions at the edge of the great forest.

The Álf lord.

The Vättar seams unstoppable as they advance.
 I had not enough movement for claiming the objective ontop of the great stone.

Álfen arrows sent my Bärsärkers back with heavy casualties.

The bear give chase after the Álfen sorceress but she evades.

I neaded to stop the Álf lord from claiming the objective for just one turn so I charged him with my light infantry...
Not the best idea and they where sent back with casualties...

The Álf lord claimed the last objective, and it was a tie with 5 objectives each.

The bear catches the Álfen witch, nom nom nom...

And the Álfen witch was no more...

The bear then charged the Álfs in the forest, with some good dices from Johan (that one most be a first... :p) the bear was sent packing.

All my forces was starting to get really nervous by the seemingly invisible Álfen lord, I continued with my shooting and the combined might of the mixed rank Vätte infantry with my trackers finaly peppered him with enough arrows to take him out.  

Any atempt of closing in on the Álfen archers resultet in heavy losses sending the survivors fleeing for their lives.

This was just an hilarious game, thanks Johan.
All of the miniatures seamed to behave exactly how they are supposed to. Sneaky Vättars with short ranged archery, combined with Trolls that was hesitant to close in on the Álfes. The Álfen archery was deadly as they suppose to be and so on. If ever their were a perfect game it was this.

We will be playing lots of more Treemoss fantasy with the Dragon Rampart rules for sure.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Crusades AAR

We are now in mid time in our huge Crusades game, we had to call it a day yesterday and we plan to play out the rest on saturday. We are using the Hail Caesar rules. This blog post will be part 1 from this game and I will not go into details, the pictures will have to speak for them selves.

The objectives in this game are two tent camps, holding on of these counting as in having broken one more enemy brigade. But its really just a slugger match, trying to beat the other army.

The number of miniatures we managed to bring to the huge table is just impressive, they do look good seeing in person.

 The camps.