Saturday, 30 March 2013

12th Hussar

Latest Napoleonic unit, French 12th Hussar.

I wanted to have a unit in red to confuse my British opponents. Suits them fine as they have blue artillery crews…

Its always nice to see a Napoleonic unit fully painted. But the road there are not always as fun as it should be. Damn those Napoleonic uniforms with all those buttons, laces and what nots.

Besides the excelent spread sheets you get in Perry Boxes, here are one of the pictures I used as reference. Hussars at its finest. 

But even thou Napoleonic units are not the must fun to paint I already got plans for more…


  1. Great looking hussars, very nice colors!

  2. Beautiful. I know now which will be my next French Hussar unit!

  3. Stunning unit !!!

    best regards Michael

  4. That's one Perry box I don't dare lay my hands on :P
    . All those bright shining details :P
    Great job!

  5. Know what you mean with the uniforms, but once painted they can't be beaten. Wonderful unit!

  6. Thanks for all your coments.