Thursday, 14 March 2013


I played some DBA a couple of days ago at  the club. One of the games was all feathers and jungles...
Mayan indians against Amazon indians.
We are planning to do an DBA campaing at the club, the armies have just arrived and my fresh force is waiting for me to start paint. 
And as a way of warming up we played some games last gaming evening.
Here we got some pictures from one of the games.

I played the Amazonians. The sheer amount of poisoned arrows was to prove to tought for the river crossing Mayans. 
A hard fought game that I first thought should be an massacre on my troops.
The plan from my side was to do a psiloi rush to annoy my opponent and hopefully give me time to form some nice archer lines. With some bad pip rolls on his part early in the game I was able to halt his advance and slowly push him back and brake his lines.


  1. Fabulous looking game and miniatures.

  2. Nice looking game!

    Sounds like the Amazonians got home for the barbeque;)

    Best regards Michael

  3. It was an inspiring game to watch. :)