Sunday, 3 March 2013



As Im starting to get a little collection of Norsemen now I thought this was about time… To get me the Saga rules… 

Yes yes I know, Im late to the party. But I am rather proud of my selves for not getting another rule system for some time now. The problem with this is that this means failed at not getting any new rules for some time now and with that little fictional hinder broken I could easily get another and another… 

Having read the rules now I can say it seems like a neat and rather simple rule system to get into but could still be interesting to play with those special charts.

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  1. Engel! I was worried that I was the very last person to jump on the Saga bandwagon this spring!

    I'm greatly enjoying your blog, projects and history in your posts. Linking and following. And thank you very much for doing the same to my blog!