Friday, 11 October 2013

Dropzone commander AAR

My friend Erik “Egge” and I played a game of Dropzone Commander yesterday. 

It was really ages since I last played this game and I had forgotten just about everything about this game but Im glad I was asked to play as it was really fun. This is really such a great game.

I really like the alternative battlegroup movement when each player taking turn to activate a battle group, it makes the game much more alive than the more common approach of “you go, I go” but still keeps it rather simple. It also gives each player a chance to try to redirect troops or change of plans if one important dice roll fails. I played other games where one player manages to wipe another player of the table without giving so much of a chance for that player to try to correct that one bad turn of shooting or what nots.

So a highly recommended game.

Here are some pictures from the game.

It was a close call and intense to the last moment, the game was decided on a roll when in the last turn one of my squads was searching a building and instead unfortunately set a booby-trap off (a roll of 1 on a D6…). 
So the victory was given to the Scourge but Im very proud of my miniatures, they did well even thou I as the commander missed a lot of things or at least could have done things differently.

But the game and especially my Shaltari have lots of fun tricks I want to try out on another day. I think they can be rather nasty with the right player behind.

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  1. Seems lika a great time, hope to see more of your aliens.
    Nice terrain too! ;)