Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Medieval infantry of Folke Jarl Birgersson

I have converted and painted a new small group of mixed infantry for my medieval project.
This is a really fun group with lots of character, it was made as a sort of tryout. To see what different combinations of bits could create.

They are painted with the intension of belonging to the troops of Folke Jarl, one of the sons of Birger Jarl and belonging to the house of Folkunga.


The coat of arms of Folke Birgersson Jarl

After the battle of Lena 1208 where his brother Knut Birgersson Jarl the current Jarl of Sweden fell, the victorious Erik Knutsson elected him to be his Jarl. An appointment that should be short lived as Folke Jarl died at the battle of Gestilren 1210.

But enough about the history part, lets look at the miniatures, They are all a mixture of different plastic bits.

These two have the arms and bodies from Gripping Beast Dark age warriors and the heads from Conquest Games Norman infantry.

Here we have Conquest Games Norman infantry with an arm and spear from Gripping Beast Viking Hirdmen.

These two are the old classic Brettonian archers from Games Workshop, one have a head from Gripping Beast Dark age warrior and the other one a head from the Norman infantry box. A round shield and a sword are added for greater personality.
They are bases a little differently, one is glued directly with his feet on the base and the other one still have the plastic “thingy” under the miniature left. This create a sort of illusion of different heights and making the one without the helmet look larger, and the hairy face just ads to the “Nordic barbarian look”.

This one is a Norman infantry with the head from the Dark age warrior box and a shield hanging on his back from an unknown Warhammer miniature.

The crossbowman is an Norman infantry with crossbow arms from Games Workshops Mordheim and a round shield on his back from the Dark age warrior box.

Here we have an Gripping Beast Viking Hirdman with an shield from the Conquest Games Norman infantry box. I shaved the ornaments from his helmet to bring it more in style with the others. The shield and the easy trick of painting his shirt in the two colors of white and red makes him look more modern then a basic Hirdmen miniature.


  1. Nice conversions..I really like the one with the double handed axe.

    1. Thanks, yeah thats one of my favorites as well.

  2. Stunning work !!!

    Didn´t notised that they was single based in the group pictures.

    Looking forward to more...and more...and more...

    Best regards Michael