Saturday, 19 October 2013

African warband

I asked my friend Jonathan from Tiny Terrain ( ) to make these special movement trays for me. 
And they turned out just as good as I had imagined. 

I had an idea of using this sort of movement trays for my Tribal African project and wanted them to have an base with of 10cm (4x25mm) and holes to fit my 25mm bases. The plan was to use them in Hail Caesar, using one base for a “small” unit and two bases for a “standard size” unit. I really think this will work out great. 
It will ease the moving of the miniatures but still have that irregular warband look Im after.

I have now based two bases and made a small hole for a dice to act as a casualty marker. These were sort of an test piece and I think I will continue in this style on the others.

The miniatures are from Perrys, painted earlier see this link for their entry.


  1. Awsome ... but you REALLY need to find some african style dice to go with these trays.

    1. Cool idea, thanks.
      If you ever come across any... please tell me where.

  2. Nice, it turned out very well with the irregular placing, just as you said!

    I found some rather unusual dice:
    Or perhaps just get brown ones with wite dots to blend into the base.