Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Unboxing - Fireforge Games Mongols

I just bought two plastic boxes from Fireforge Games.

And no, I dont plan to start a Mongol army but rather use bits from here and try to create some Turcomans as mercenaries to my Ayyubid army, but more on that later. What Im here to post now is what's inside the boxes.

The contents of the sprues are rather similar as you can see here. The infantry box got more shields then the cavalry one, but one of the infantry sprues had the same middle section as the cavalry to act as a sort of command.

Im really fine with this and think its a smart move to produce more plastic kits in a simple way but I think it should be known to you.

In the cavalry box you also get 12 horses, one to each rider.
The horses faces looks a little strange to my eyes but its still ok.

So there you go, a small box opening on Fireforge Mongol/ Steppe tribe boxes.
I liked the boxes but think they could have had more variations on the parts. For example all the arrow quivers are identical with the same detail with the deer motif on all of them. The arrows in the quivers looks a little to computer rended with their perfectly same length and straitness.
I have started to glue some of the miniatures together now and will be kitbashing these to get a better Turcoman feeling to them but I think these will be a nice base for convertions.

Here you can see the converted and paited results.

Turcoman horsearchers

Turcoman light infantry archers

Hope this can help and inspire.


  1. Great review. I hadn't thought about using them as Turkoman, excellent idea, I may have to borrow it for my Ayyubids!

  2. Good review, I look forward to seeing them painted.

  3. Thanks to share the photos of the sprues. I'm thinking to buy them. I would try to convert these models in Huns and I think that it is possible to do it with limited conversions

  4. Nice review, this is indeed a great set. I converted mine into Arabs, by simply changing the shields and heads, using the Gripping Beast plastic Arab Spearmen and Archers. Cheers!

  5. You can add spare heads from the gripping beast arabs box to convert these really simply...

  6. oops just seen the comment above ;-)

  7. Thanks

    I dont think I will use the plastic Arabs as I aim for a more Turkic look.
    Im looking att Gripping Beast and Perrys metall Turcoman horsearchers for inspiration as well as some pictures I found on the net.

  8. really great review, very useful to the rest of us.

    thanks for that!

  9. Replies
    1. Hi.

      I think that might be a bit of a strech but Im no expert on Huns.
      Some equipment of the step peoples are more or less timeless, with the right bits for conversions, maybe some propper Hun miniature mixed into a unit and with the paintjob you might do it.
      And it of course depends on how hard putton counter you are.
      Maybe it could be done. I have wery slim knowlage of the Huns.