Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Viking hird

At the same time I painted the limited edition Viking from Gripping beast I also painted his chums.
I just wanted him up here a day earlier then the whole unit.
But here they are, it’s a mix of plastic and lead Vikings from Gripping beast.
One of the hairy dudes is from GW empire line I think, mixed in realy good. I should try to get more of those.

Some of the pictures ended somewhat blurry as my daughter thought it was funny to play with the camera strap.


  1. Greate work ! Looking realy good !

    best regards Michael

  2. Quality work here! Love the damaged shields.

  3. Those are lovely - they look as though they are veterans of a few raids...

  4. Very Nice work those damaged shields are excellent, worthy of a tutorial please.

  5. Really nice unit. The warhammer head works surprisingly well. Would be interested by a damaged shields tutorial too. The one with Sleipnir is stunning.

  6. Thank you chums.

    A tutorial on damaged shields are noted, I also got an request on the bases and the grass.

    Any thing else you would like to see, so I can note it down and try to make one later on ?