Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Arabic kitbashing part II, painted miniatures.

I changed the shields for something that looked a little lighter and this is how they turned out with some paint on them. The shields are the the one from the same as the miniatures, I just shaved of some part and added liquid greenstuff to restructure it somewhat, an easy way of changing the overall look.

I should really stop using that big bucket of cheap wash from Valejjo that I bought, it really destroys the paintjob and is hard to fix, but the price was at least cheap. 
But for these test models it worked atleast.

The miniatures themselves I think could work perfectly as Barbary Corsairs or other types of light infantry. They are barefoot and lacks all form of armor. But I like how they turned out.
Maybe good enough for laying siege to Malta in 1565?

1 comment:

  1. Looking good !

    Dewland mud was the s***t, didnt like the Valeijo either, have tried the Army painter Strong tone wash and it work ok, a litle dark sometimes, will try the medium ton next time...

    Best regards Michael