Friday, 25 May 2012


My Jätte as we say now a days, or Jötunn as they were known back when the stories and legends where much more alive.

I had this model half painted at my table for maybey half a year, it was time to finnish the other half of him.
The skintones on the backside of his elbows arn´t perfect by any means but he will do.

A really fun miniatures. A old sculpt and I dont´n know who original sculpted him but he was labeled eM-4 where I bought him.
There is something special with these oldschool models. Full of character.

I went with red hair but with a tuch of gray. The pictures dosn´t give the metals on his spiked club justice unfortunetly.


  1. Sweet, soon you will have to post a group photo of all your beardfungiimagination stuff

  2. Lovely mini and a realy good paintjob!

    Your Skägglavsfantasy are a realy interesting project. Have you got around to play it? a AAR in progres?

    Best regards Michael

  3. Thanks guys.

    Unfortunately I have only played with some of the models once.

    At first I thought I should use the Songs of blades… rules but now Im not sure, maybe I should look elsewhere for an easy rule system that is quick to learn but still offers lots of different models with different skill. I haven’t given up on using the Songs of.. rules just yet.

    I think I will need some more models painted up. The world of Scandinavian folklore and Viking mythology offers many more options for models.
    But maybe the most important thing is to sit down and reread the rules and start testing them again.

  4. You could always have a chat with me about that ;)