Saturday, 5 May 2012

Review - Warlord Games Unmarried Zulu

Review - Warlord Games Unmarried Zulu

As a neighboring tribe to my Perry plastic Africans I got a box of Warlord Games Unmarried Zulus.

The box contains 32 plastic warriors on frames, a metal chief and a small paper on some history and famous units. I like that small history lection included, it feels like that’s the little extra in the box.

The warrior frames are four men per frame and at first I thought this could be repetitive but as it also includes lots of weapon options and 8 different head I didn´t feel like that at all. 
Even thou I will skip gunpowder weapon in my African project I still got plenty of weapon arms to choose from.

A Zulu warrior in full regalia is just beautiful.
I just love this wonderfull age of plastics.

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