Sunday, 27 July 2014

DAK Panzerspähkompanie vs American Armored Rifle Company

My friend Tobias and I played a 1750pts game of Midwar Africa. He wanted to try out some of his new tanks. And I wanted to play with some new speedpainted SdKfz 231.

My commander takes cover from the heating sun and the American tanks.

My small unit of PaK38 are ordered to hold the forward objective. This might not have been the best idea but with half of my units in delayed reserves my line was scrawny thin. As I didn´t get any infantry my list compromised mostly of armoured cars and antitank guns and artillery. I deployed the guns and counted on getting the cars just in time.

Initial enemy lines closes in tanking some small casualties in the meantime.

A risky plan that didnt work out, trying to take out his AA with a three plane strong attack wing.

 Somehow a lone PaK38 managed to knock out two Shermans and bailing another... Perfect.
A unit of PaK40 deploy from ambush and combined with my 88s American vehicles are being lit to fire. But will it be enough, enemy infantry have now dismounted their transport and are heading to the forward objective by foot.

A lone spotter firing his rifle and managed to snipe out a enemy platoon commander.
The enemy moves forward assaulting the PaKs holding the objectives and things starts to look really bad for me. The commander of my PaK40 team moves forward but isn´t in reach of contesting the objective.
But luckily for me my Company Commander manages to get into reach with his small armoured car. Bying me another turn. In the meantime artillery, Pak40 and the dreaded Acht Acht are pounding enemy infantry at the objective. Some say overkill to blast enemy infantry with big guns but thats all I got.
Somehow my Company Commander did survive but being bailed out he could no longer contest the objective but by now my PaK40 platoon commander was in range bying me yet another turn of game play.

Next up I managed to bring forth some reinforcements, finally my armoured cars starts to arrive.

Some Bf109 flying low tank hunting.

Yet another unit arrive from reserves, a PzIV platoon. Things starts to look really good for me instead.

 Enemy 2iC are disposed of and his burning jeep is full of holes.

My Commander has not yet managed to bail in again. I guess it takes some time getting all those maps together and sorting them out after all the enemy shooting.

And lastly my SdKfz 221 unit arrives to seal the deal. A Victory for the DAK, things did look extremely bleak at one time and not having any infantry to dig in on the objective might have been a bad idea. But reinforcements arrived in the nick of time and saved the day.

Thanks Tobias for the game, this was to tight.

Friday, 25 July 2014

D Korps vs Imperial Guard, Zone Mortalis AAR

A couple of days ago my friend Håkan and I had a go at the Zone Mortalis rules for 40k.

I would be using my Death Korps and he his Imperial Guard (yes I will continuing using that name instead of the silly new name they have started to use so they can copywrite it...)
We would be playing 700pts on a 4´x4´table with Zone Mortalis terrain.

Enemy have advanced and I have opened up a couple of doors to get clear firelanes.
We ruled that the doors could only be opened from the side with a computer panel, they would be looked from the other side.
Good thing all my Death Korps are equipped with Krak grenades from start. Well its embedded in their cost so I guess Its a bad thing as Im not allowed to choose and thus try to keep the cost of the units down.

 A fierce firefight start with me sending in the a Firewasp (a sort of drone that you can get in Zone Mortalis) and my unit of Grenadiers, packing flamers and Heavy flamers... This is going to lit up this cave complex for sure.

Enemy stormtroopers and Sentinel ahead. I have a Firewasp infront of my Soldiers so it can soak up some damage and by that sparing some soldiers that will be most needed later.

Enemy sighted at the end of the corridor. Seconds after this picture was taken one of my Heavy Bolters would open up fire taking one of the enemy Guardsmen out.

One of the Firewasps and the Grenadiers.

Enemy soldiers rushing through a door.

A Cave in, the enemy Stormtroopers got caught in the falling rubble.

 Finally some reinforcements.

 Enemy Sentinel on fire by a combined Plasmagun and Krak grenade attack. Huzza

Fire position of the Heavy Bolters.

Enemy reinforcements, this those not bode well for my Grenadiers.
The wounded Firewasp have taking shelter behind a wall as Los Generalos with his guards looks at the now burning hulk of what was a enemy Sentinel.

My Grenadiers have almost cleared the room and are on top of the objective. Huzza...

But they know they are in for a world of hurt. My Grenadiers was swarmed from all sides, I thing their was something like four units and a Sentinel on them.

Another cave in. This time precisely at the bottleneck where my reinforcements moving in to join the fight. Darn...

It left a large hole in my units.

I shut the door just as enemy forces would enter, this will keep them for at least a turn. Hopefully this and the Grenadiers attack have bought me enough time to counter this mayor enemy push.

He are through, the door at least bought me a extra turn. The door blasting squad was taken out in the initial combat, in return I lost my second firewasp.

Seen in this pictures are his Stormtroopers literally storming through the doorway.

He did managed to get through the doorway and attacked my Heavy bolter team but they survived with only one heavy team lost. He tried to charge the heavy team but the range was to long and they didnt make it and so in the meantime my reinforcements got in. Especially important was a unit of Engineers packing a Flamer and a Heavy Flamer, they would clear out anyone foolish enough to still be standing in that doorway trying to get in. With his Stormtroopers taken out and the Engineers clearing the doorway the objective was mine. And with that as the last turn Håkan had no time left to try to force his way in.

Victory for my Death Korps... Huzza

Monday, 21 July 2014

Jungle Cannibals

During last week I visited my parents in law at their summer house in the archipelago between Västervik and Oskarshamn. But no worries, stuck on an island I had brought with me some miniatures to paint...

The miniatures are from North Star, except the witchdoctor/medicine man who are from Foundry.
I really like these North Star miniatures, they are lots of fun to paint.

I thought I could give my Jungle Cannibals some reinforcements as Im somehow drawn to my Tribal Africa project again. It feels good to take up a older project and continuing where I left it.

And with the rest of the tribesmen on their warband movement trays from Tiny Terrain