Saturday, 12 July 2014

Wexio spelkonvent, gaming convention

Last weekend Wexio gaming convention was held here in Växjö and I entered into the Dropzone Commander tournament, the largest DzC tournament in Sweden to this date, a mightily eight participators.
I entered with the plan that this would be a great way to finally learn the rules... So after speedpainting an army and making some extra terrain pieces of I went.

I will not post any battle reports of the games played but they turned out far better then I had ever anticipated. The first day I had 3 victory's out of 3 games and thats includes two games against the organisers. Things did look good out of a tournament perspective. More on that in a later post.

Here are a photodump on pictures I took from day 1 from the tournament and some from the rest of the convention. More pictures are to follow at a later date.

 Warhammer Fantasy battle.

Pictures on some board and card gamers.

 "Hail Sauron" Hail Caesar rules in the land of Lord of the Ring.

 Warhammer 40k Megabattle. Imperial vs Necrons.

I just love the looks of these small dropships, making me want to collect a UCM force just for the sake of these.

 The 40k megabattle again.

Thats the end of my pictures from day 1.


  1. Nice pictures! Looked like a very entertaining convention, any historical games?

    1. No historical Im afraid.
      This is just the second time this convention was held and I think it has potential to grow.
      Mostly board and card gamers what I could see.

      Maybe I will host a historical game or even a "Skägglavsfantasy" next year, we will see.