Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Fyra nyanser av brunt

I have painted this nice chap. It was a gift from my friend Daniel and I thought It was only fitting to paint him up now that I just got the rules “Tooth and Claw” a game about  prehistoric animal hunting.

And here is his hunter to acompany mine: http://das-ultra-kaninchen.blogspot.se/2013/11/hunter.html

I wanted to keep the miniature brown in a sort of autumn hunting fashion.
Damn, I really needs to get me a new tweed hat now…

I got the rules “Tooth and Claw” by Chris Peers.

I’ve just read the rules and I am a little disappointed, by reading it alone I got the picture it will be more of an animal killing spree then an actual hunt. The game looks like its more of an “shoot all things” then to track and hunt down a specific animal type.
The rules include throwing spears, bows, muskets and more modern Elephant guns so It could be played as a stone age hunting group against Mammoths and such.
But I think its lacking in that it haven’t included anything like wind directions if the hunters want to sneak closer without being noticed, including rules for hunting dogs that could help anyone from an stone age group to a more modern hunt.

I think I will have to try it out before I can pass a final judgment on it but by reading it alone It does seems to miss a few things of the stuff I thought would be included.
Im sure its still a blast to play, not just as I had imagined it to be.


  1. Nice job. You could always add in these mechanics yourselves. Scatter dice for wind direction that perhaps changes when a certain event is rolled like a tie on activation or similar.

  2. Great job, I love the added ground cover.

  3. Mer brunt åt folket!
    Nice work, I like that tweed. I should try to paint some for my WWII Danes.