Friday, 22 November 2013

DBA: II/5B Later Hoplite Athenians

I needed to clear up some halfpainted projects to make room for new ones.
One of those projects that’s taking up shelf space is this DBA force and it feels really good to have given them the paint the rightly deserved. They have waited for far to long to be finished.

Some of you might remember this guy, a test miniature I did from the force. Its nice to have his buddies joining up.


There is something special with those hoplite formations and I always wanted a force of them.
The miniatures are 15mm from Xyston if I remember correctly and are superb.

It took some time to get all those hand painted shields ready but they look good all painted up don’t they?

The camp is represented by a large face on an statue (from Scibor miniatures) and the last feta cheese producing 15mm goat from my bitbox I had left. 
So the real question, is it the goat or the large stone face that is so important with this camp that’s it worth defending?


  1. A great post with beautiful troops...and I love the camp too!

  2. Stunning work, Engel! Your shieldwork is tops and the icing on the cake is your camp. I love it all!

    The only downside to Xyston is that they might ruin you for painting any other 15mm line. ;-)

  3. Thanks.

    Xyston do make some excellent miniatures, I agree.