Sunday, 30 September 2012

Spraycan disaster…

Spraycan disaster…

I just primed en Russian Havoc helicopter and disaster struck…


The model ended all grainy and when the color dried it leaved dried out channels on the surface. I tried to apply another layer to smoothing the surface but that didn´t help.
I think it has to do with the moister level in the air.

Anyone got any idea on how I can fix this?
If I should just try to paint over it and pretend it didn´t happen?
Should I try to dissolve the primer with something without damaging the plastic kit under ?


If you got some slaves in fit age why not use them to tip the scale in a fight. By giving them some javelins they could help you defend your house or village against an intruder.

These Viking thralls give a little variety to the Viking force.
And best of all by including crappy ill equipped troops it will make your hirdmen look even better…
A rather speedpainted unit but its more then good enough for rank and file troops.

The miniatures are from Miniature Design Studio but some additional spears and javelins from my bit-box to add more variety. Unfortunately one of the long plastic spears from the bit-box got bent.

Saturday, 29 September 2012



The Ljosalfar is not of this world but is resident at the world of Ālfheimr, home of the Vanir Frej 

The Ljosalfar is a strange people "fairer than the sun to look at" full of mystic and grace.

I wanted to paint them differently from all my previously miniatures. I wanted them to be supernatural, with a light skintone. To show they are not of this world.  

The miniatures are from Red Box Games

Friday, 28 September 2012

Ocult African objects

More terrain pieces. This time for my Tribal Africa Project.

A small pile of skulls. Strange skulls…
A small religious symbol on a pile of skulls, must be some kind of moon cult living here?
And a small furry thing, is it alive or just a small puppet?

No one really knows and if I use them differently in each game the players will be wary for these addition to the battle fields… Never knowing what to expect, if its looks dangerous its safer to stay away…

Goat herder

I just love the little extra on a tabletop. And after last weekend’s flames of war game I thought I should finish of the last things one these. A goat herder and some cows. Pretty generic and could be used to about any era as long as its 15mm.

I have no idea who the manufacturer is. I remember that a friend and I bought some animals and some civilians. The miniatures are mounted on Flames of war bases.