Thursday, 13 September 2012

Jungle Cannibals

Jungle cannibals from North Star miniatures.

When the chieftain was released I knew I had to get me some cannibals to my Tribal Africa.

For the painting scheme on these I wanted to make them really dark, without too much bright colors. I wanted the excellent sculpt and not the colors to make the impact. To set them apart from other tribes.

Also my first experience with wirespears. I really like the thin spears, except that I got stabbed a couple of times while painting them, hungry aggressive little fellows…

I haven’t decided on their stat line to Hail Caesar rules yet but Im considering giving the Cannibals with the heavy scarification special rule like Thought fighter or wild fighter. Im not sure about the tribesmen with masks but maybe give them higher moral would be enough.

And I want to take the time to tellyou all that I have updated this blog with a small collection of miniatures and other “Tribal Africa” stuff at the top of this site. If you know something that would be fitting to add please tell.


  1. These guys look nasty! The masked guys look awesome!

  2. The crouching guy and the pile of skulls remind me of the 'Cannibal Holocaust' movie. Great work