Sunday, 16 September 2012

Battle of Nyböle

(Please notice the false mustache over the regular one…)

Yesterday we had a Napoleonic Black Powder game.

Thanks Jonathan and Boris for a really nice day.

I will not go into detail about the actual battle here but just post some of pictures with the excuse of:

-You should have been there..

A great day it was.

Things to think of till next time is: bring more mustachios and funny hats.

Jonathan looking dandy.

All my pictures are hosted here. Some of which was posted here but still many more.

More pictures of the battle please visit Boris blog.

Or Jonathans blog for a rather stilish picture of me... 


  1. Gaming is always more fun with funny hats! Looks like you all had a fun game.

  2. Très belles photos, et surtout un gros hourra pour les deux généraux dans leurs superbes uniformes, et vive les Moustaches. A bientôt Christian

  3. Looking great! I don't know how I missed this entirely.