Thursday, 27 September 2012

Viking chieftain

A Viking chieftain to command my Norsemen.
Miniature from Gripping Beast.

I really like this miniature; it got to be one of my favorite Viking sculpts ever.

I choose to go with a red and yellow paint scheme on him, tying in the shield with the trousers. 

He is mounted on a slightly larger base then the rest of my Vikings to make him stand out a little more and I plan to use him as a commander to lead my Vikings.


  1. He really has the dynamic pose of a Leader! And well painted, too!

  2. Yeah, that's a great looking mini. I can see why you favor it. Well done on painting him too!

  3. Super figure - well animated and painted.I forgot to say the goblins look great too.

  4. Superbe figurine j'aime bien l'usure de l'épée. Grand bravo Christian

  5. Very good bruch work there !!!

    Like him aloot !

    best regards Michael