Friday, 7 September 2012

Unboxing Typhaggahw

Unboxing Typhaggahw Gwyfern of Ceredigion from Maelstrom, Banebeast.
A short review.

Besides a long and strange name this is one creature that I really like. 
I have had my eyes on it since it was released. 

After the battle reports in this blog I got new interest in my Treemoss fantasy project and when Maelstrom had another sale I could not restrain myself any longer. 
And here it is, just arrived by mail this day.

It had a nice boxart and all its pieces in bubble wrap. The box also contained a small paper on how to prepare the assembly and so on.

It’s a nice model and I now wish that I didn´t have a lot of halfpainted miniatures on the table so I could start on this monster right away. 

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  1. Great looking model! Can't wait to see you paint it, your Treemoss collection is superb.

  2. That's one big bad piece of angry!