Saturday, 8 September 2012

Gendarmerie a cheval

Gendarmerie a Cheval from Capitan miniature

For my “Pied” version, look earlier in this blog.

When I found the Gendaremerie a Pied I knew I “needed” some, and while I ordered them I thought that I well get some mounted Gendarmerie as well.
They are sculpted in the same rough style as the Gendarmerie Pied and I like the unshaven veteran effect it gives me.

As I wasn´t sure how exactly to field them so I opted for single bases that would give me the option to use them in skirmish games as well.
One of the officers had an arm-swap and given an arm from a Victrix plastic box. To give a little more variation.


  1. Those Gendarmes à cheval are looking very nice, a great work!

  2. I totally agree. They're looking very nice!