Thursday, 20 September 2012

Review - Miniature Design Studio

I just got these miniatures from Miniature Design Studio and wanted to show them. I haven’t seen much about them before so I thought I could share these pictures with you.

The miniatures looked nice on their homepage and its always fun to add some new models or sculpts that you don’t see every day.

One small little thing that really was nice, a small thing that shows that they care that little extra was a handwritten Thank you on the order

I placed the order late a Friday night (yeah I know… party party, but as a father of a baby daughter I find it somewhat wrong to have hangover the day after…) and on Monday morning when I checked my mail I had received a mail about my ordered already been sent. So they are quick. 

The sculpts are clean and nice and not that much in the way of cleaning is required.

I thought these miniatures could be a nice addition to my slowly growing Viking collection.

These Pict javelinmen will be perfect for using as Viking thralls. I only need do skip some of the more special shields.

These Saxon Ceorls will be nice as Viking Bondi.

And here is a small size comparison with a plastic Viking from Gripping beast. And by this comparison I think they will be a nice addition to my collection.

Here are a painted example of the Saxons from the MDS homepage.

Oh yeah the price… with a price of £1.00 per model these are cheap.
I cannot recommend them enough.

This is how they look now all painted up.
Viking Bondi

Viking Thralls 

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