Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Medieval Scandinavian warriors

After that last unit of Crusaders I really wanted to build some more Westerners.
The only problem was who?
I thought about just adding random units and use as opponents to the crusade project or maybe starting a French army for a crusade and then it hit me. Why not restart my Medieval Scandinavia project...

Here are some miniatures glued together using the Fireforge Foot sergeants as a base and adding new heads/helmets, some round shields and other bits from different Gripping Beast kits.

They were lots of fun to put together and by adding other kits you could really add some fun characters.

My only problem now is how to create archers that I will need for this project. As light infantry or to have mixed into the units.
I have fought about searching Ebay for those old Bretonnian plastic archers and use those as a base.
Maybe buy loose bows from Gripping Beast?
 But I will still need arrows or at least quivers, maybe make a greenstuff press-mould for that.

Any tip or help would be appreciated.


  1. Looking really good!! Glad to see you continue your Sweden project:)

    Use Perrys plastics archers arms, i used them with some GB plastics worked fine. How manu do you need? I might have some left over.

    1. Thanks Michael.

      How many do you got... No but seriously, I got some old Bretonnians left in my treachery but not enough to make the mixed units I was thinking about. Im soon to visit Stockholm and will contact you about that later. Thanks.

  2. I'm afraid none of this is my particular period, so I wouldn't dare offer any advice. But perhaps I could encourage you by simply saying you've done some cracking paintjobs of late and your composition of the minis for this lastest posting of yours look stonkingly great and full of energy. Certainly I'm looking forward to seeing them painted up soon :-)

  3. Looking at these, I can't help thinking of the crusaders who gathered in Orkney in 1151 for Jarl Rognvald's trip to the Holy Land. They amused themselves by breaking into Maeshowe, a Neolithic burial mound, and covering the walls with Runic graffiti. Scratch a Crusader and you'll find a Viking just below the surface!

    I'll watch this project with interest!

    1. Big thanks for that info Evan. I was actually pondering if I could double use these in something like that. Nice to get some names and years to use in further researches later on. Thanks.

  4. A great combination of parts. What a great looking result.