Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Unboxing - Fireforge Games Sergeants at arms

I just got some boxes from Fireforge Games that are intended for my Medieval Scandinavia project.

I guess lots of those boxes you all have seen on different pages over the net but this one I think is a little rarer. Its somewhat newer then the others.

The Sergeant at Arms box I think shares lots of components with their Mounted Sergeants box (

The main difference seams to be that some of the horses have barding, the lances are exchanged to spears and crossbows are included.
I dont have the Mounted Sergeant box so this is just a guess.

 There are components to build 12 Sergeants in the box, half of the horses have barding.
And their is enough weapons to arm half of the sergeants with crossbows or spears.

The most interesting thing to show I think is this sprue. At first I though it was a little bad that only half could be armed with say, crossbows but then it hit me that to build an army you will need more then one box of miniatures any way and I think that you could easily use bits from the infantry boxes on these miniatures so this will not be a problem.

You get lots and lots of heads... For 4 miniatures you got 10 heads and these will be most useful in my kit bashing and is highly appreciated.

Overall I really like this box and after I have glued it together I will still have lots of extra bits for the bitbox. So I am really happy with the content.


  1. Very nice review. I haven't actually seen these in the flesh as its not my period but you've made them very tempting nonetheless. lots of bitz too I see. Thanks for posting.