Sunday, 5 October 2014

Crusading Band of heroes

You just got to love kit bashing with all these plastic kits available these days. And as you can build them in about any way possible you can create some truly unique units. Like this one...
This is a group of crusaders, tossed together as a sort of last survivors of a battle. Taking shelter behind each others shields. I plan to have this grouped together in future games as a sort of really elite veteran unit, toughest of the toughest these will kick ass.

Painting wise it was real fun to do as all those different military orders and kingdoms/county's make for a cohesive but still variant unit.

I got Templars, Hospitalers, Teutons, Order of St: Lazarus, Kingdom och Jerusalem, County of Tripoly.
The Teutons might be a little more from the Nordic Crusade then from the Crusades in the middle east but Im not to picky, you got to love a tall German with a helmet like that swinging  a two handed sword...

I plan to use these in Hail Caesar with these stats.

Clash - 6
Sustained - 5
Short range - 2/1
Long range - 1
Moral save - 4+
Stamina - 4
Special rules: Tough fighters, Stubborn, Steady, Valiant, Elite, Double handed weapon, Crossbow

I thought about giving them Brave and the Fanatic special rule but that might just be to much. Im sure these tough bastards will hold any waterhole or ruins they have claimed as their and afraid my Saracens will have a hard fight getting rid of them.


  1. Great looking troops, really impressive, love the tuniques!

  2. Great looking bunch of gritty veterans! I like your suggested HC stats for them, this is what makes HC and BP such great rule sets - the extra spice you can add to the units. You might even get away with bringing the morale down to 3+, after all, they are "guard" quality. Shall be interesting to see these chaps perform in an AAR!

  3. What a fabulous bunch of characters.

  4. Nice bunch of Crusaders.