Thursday, 22 August 2013

Troll raid on a Tomte settlement.

Troll raid on a Tomte settlement.

This Tuesday we test played a special set of modification rules to Hail Caesar resulting in this raid on a small Tomte settlement.
The rules worked far beyond my expectations and was lots of fun for all players.
The idea was that each player controlled one troll. And gave that troll orders as usual in Hail Caesars.
But each troll had to roll on the blunder table on 10+ instead of the usual double sixes as usual.

The gnomes had 1 in all stats and are removed on one damage.
The gnomes acted according to a chart, they rolled a dice and added one for each gnome in that group. I will go into detail about the rules in a later post after I had some time tinkering with the stats.
The result none the less was that the gnomes acted somewhat believable under such an event as a troll attack on some farmers.

One point was awarded for each gnome wacked and five points for capturing a pig.

 Here are some pictures from the first raid.

At first the white markers was used to represent gnomes but this idea was later abandoned.

First troll charge a gnomish guardpost.

Lumbering out of the forest carrying a big club to wack some gnomes.

There was not much left of this poor gnome...

The playtesters.


After trying to climb over the wall to grab some piggies this troll instead blundered resulting in that the troll fled in full panic.
Im guessing he thougt pigs looked likes bunnies and got scared when he realised how they looked.

 More gnomewacking.

After demolishing the pigpen some infighting starts over the pigs and one player decides to wack a troll istead and thus hindering him to get more points.

 Once again this troll paniced when he tries to grab a pigg and starts running the other way.

One pig and two trolls... Both of them hungry and carriying weapons...
A bad combination.

The winner of the first test fight was Thomas, he managed to wack a considerable number of gnomes on the way to the pigs and won when he managed to grab a pig and run over the board edge.

A very big thanks for all that wanted to testplay this. And after some more tinkering with stats and some rules I will share those with anyone wanting to try them out.


  1. That sounds like a really fun game. :)

  2. Trolltyg i Tomteskogen:)

    Greate ideea !!! Sounds like a fun game, that looked realy nice !

    Might you use some other casulty markers in the next game, I realy have a hard time with the white rings that kind of ruing stunning gaming pictures;)

    If possible I would love to try out your rules, think they would be prefect for a club game.

    Best regards Michael

  3. Fantastic stuff!! Love the minis and the terrain, superb work all around!

  4. Great looking game, wonderful minis!

  5. What a fun idea and a great looking game, bravo Sir.

  6. I do hope the Tomte rise up and fight back... perhaps we could a them raiding a troll settlement in the next game!
    Strangely enough I have some tomte on my workbench at present.I'm also looking for troll opponents for my 40mm vikings.Any suggestions for 40mm fantasy figures in general too?
    Oh I'd be interested in the rules too!

    1. Oops forgot to say what a great looking game it was!

    2. Thanks.
      Yeah a payback game would be fun.

      40mm isnt my expertiese but Bronze age minaitures got some nice 32mm ones, and the Norse Gods in his collection is 40mm I think...

  7. Big thanks to everyone.
    I will tinker with the rules some more and then I will share it with you.

  8. This is a really cool idea. I love it being from the trolls perspective. Love the gnomes.

  9. I think the Worldwide Gnome Association will have a word or two with you after this, not wery politically correct you know!

    Very nice pictures and I am glad the test rules worked out for you, looks like you got quite a concept here!

  10. Poor gnomes! Looks like a fun game though :D