Friday, 30 August 2013

Fantasy gaming table

A speedwork, but I managed to put this gaming table together in time for Gubbspel Galore this weekend.
The gaming table is made from white Styrofoam with masking tape on the sides, using plaster and glued on sand to make some textures painted in a mix of colors and then flocked.
Cheep and lightweight.

Maybe a its little to colorful for my taste but I somehow like it none the less. To late to do anything about that now.


  1. I like the colourful groundwork!

  2. Very nicely done, I love these.

  3. Greate work!!!

    Looking forward to a couple of nice AAR after your gaming weekend!

  4. Very nice work. Did you use pices of wood or stone for the small ridges/hills? I think the overall impression is mystic and well suited for your ongoing projects.
    Keep up the steem. :)