Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Norsemen Bondi

Newly painted bondi unit, I painted these in the same way as the hirmen unit I did a tutorial on not long ago. A rather quick and easy way.

I tried to keep the colors a bit more brown or natural and I like the overall effect, looks better and more correct.

The miniatures are a mix to get a better variation within the unit and a more fun composition. But they are mostly Gripping Beast plastic Dark age warriors with some added hirdmen heads and some wirespears. I added some metal miniatures also from Gripping beast and some metal miniatures from some other companies.

They are all based on the bases I bought from Tiny Terrain that was custom made for me. I wanted one 8man and two 4man multibases with a movement tray for them all. I really love these and they are perfect for me.
Do contant Jonathan at Tiny Terrain, Im sure he can help you out with about any thing.

Here are some pictures of the clean bases to better get a view of the movement tray and the multibases.


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