Sunday, 11 August 2013

Big nasty troll

Big nasty troll with an even nastier club.
With some help I managed to track down this “beauty” of a miniature. The Miniature is unfortunately out of production, sculpted by Bob Olley I think.

He is just perfect for my collection.

I gave him one of those bases you get from Perry miniatures plastic boxes with weird measurements that I really can’t find many good uses of.
The pictures didn´t turn out as good as I had hoped, strange light somehow.


  1. Stunning work!

    A Greate addition to your collection!

    Best regards Michael

  2. I saw this just a couple weeks ago on a forum and I think you're right, it's by Bob Oily.

    It's a nice sculpt and well painted.

  3. Excellent! My favourite Troll miniature. News about the availability of this model may be read on my blog.

  4. Fantastic, really like the colours chosen for its skin.