Thursday, 29 August 2013

John Bauer trees.

Finally… I thought about getting some proper John Bauer inspired trees since I started this whole project.
And when I decided to hold some Treemoss fantasy game on Gubbspel Galore I knew I must have some.

Håkan Hårding blowing an horn to get the trolls attention while his friend Harald Bukhäng and two gnomes lies in ambush. The plan is to attack the troll from all side.
What Håkan doesn’t know is that one Valkyria is already waiting on the combat to begin so she could take him. But the big question is if the Valkyria is patient enough or if she will just put an axe in his back and get it over with.

As I am in a little hurry here I didn´t have time to give the trees all the details I wanted but I guess I can always go back and add that later. 

And I also made some new area terrains.

All in a days work, Harald Bukhäng had leveled the forest in search for the Troll that smashed his friend Håkan Hårding and then got away.


  1. Those look superb! You really have a knack for making things look 'earthy'.

  2. Great ideas, looking very good!

  3. They look good and match the art nicely. Very atmospheric

  4. Ah, beautiful! I love the forced perspective of the tree trunks - very evocative.

  5. Greate work !!!

    Just love your skägglavsfantasy !!!

    I hope you will have a realy nice gaming weekend in Göteborg !

    Best regards Michael

  6. What did you use to Make the trees?

  7. Very nice and should put the players in the right mood. Great work!