Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tiny Terrain

I just got these beauties from Tiny Terrain.

My friend Jonathan has taken the step of open up a terrain making company and I thought I should test what he could make and made an order.

I wanted some bases for DBA, some multibases for Hail Caesar or Black Powder as well as some movement trays.

As this is a new company he don’t got that many different products yet but are working hard to expand this.

He was more than willing to make some special items in mdf for me according to my special wishes. As he told me, every item he had made drawing or prints he could make many more later on.

One of the special items was these movement trays for an 16man unit for Hail Caesar and the interior space could be made into 80x40mm and two 40x40mm bases.
And I wanted a smaller variant for a “small unit” of 8man giving a movement tray and two 40x40mm bases to fit there in.

Im really impressed by these and got more ideas I think Jonathan will have to construct for me later on…

So please visit his newly started terrain blog http://tinyterrain.blogspot.se/

And If you want to buy some things or got product ideas do contact him on   “Info(at)tinyterrain(dot)com”
Im sure he is more then happy to help you out.

Support the little Swedish guy and help him expand and supply us with nice terrain. :)

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