Thursday, 29 August 2013


Another “finally” moment here. Hehe

I got these Elves in 2011 and was really impressed by the sculpts. I thought the minitarures looked soo good that I was a bit intimidated to paint them as I didn’t want to mess them up. I wanted to do them justice.

For the original post with a little more detailed descriptions of Dökkalfars look here.

But with Gubbspel Galore this weekend I wanted to finish them. 
I spent a lot of time during this summer to building up all those layers of skincolors. It really took ages to get them the way I wanted. 

As I wanted to have them with me to this weekend’s gaming convention I had to speedpaint the warpaint and it didn´t turn out as good as I had first imagined it would but I really don´t have time to fix that.

Thanks for looking.

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