Saturday, 1 November 2014

Heavy Arabic cavalry

I finished a new unit of Heavy Arabic cavalry this week.
The miniatures are mostly from Old Glory but with two Perry miniatures mixed in as Old Glory sold them in 10 pack and I wanted 12.

I wanted to have bright colours but not as much details and fabric designs as my Mamluks units and I think I ended on an nice level. I could have given the horses more details and some of the fabrics could have been given some extra patterns. But their always another unfinished unit in line waiting for attention so you have to quit it somewhere.

I must admit it was fun to paint some miniatures from a for me new maker, Old Glory is not a company I have past experience with and some new sculpts are always welcome for my army.

And on this unit I have done what I should have done in this project from the start... Added lots and lots of banners and flags.
I have thought about adding more banners to all my excising heavy cavalry units in the future, Im sure they will all look even nicer.



  1. The banners and your bright color selection really brings this cavalry to life.

    Great work!

  2. Look great the banners really help them stand out��