Monday, 24 November 2014

Medieval Scandinavia Lion Rampant ?

Last week I went to Stockholm and I had decided to try out the Lion Rampant rules with Michale "Dalauppror"
So I scrambled what I got in my Scandinavian Medieval collection to see what I got.

It so turned out that I could muster a 24point host.
Michael and I decided that we would be playing in about the year 1219... And the search for the Dannebrog in the Baltics...

My host of Crusading Danes from the house of Hvide comprised of:
6 Mounted Men-at-arms *
6 Mounted Men-at-arms
6 Mounted Serjeants
12 Foot Serjeants
12 Crosbowmen

More about the actual game in a later post.
Thanks for the game Michael.

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  1. Glad to be able to hoast the game Jonas. Even as I lost it was very nice games:)