Friday, 14 November 2014

Danish knights

I thought that Ebbe Sunesen Hvide couldn´t be alone so I have converted and painted some knights for him.

They are meant to represent knights from, or bearing the colours of the Danish Hvide family with some modifications and alterations to have a more lively unit.

I have mixed in some Griping Beast Hirdmen heads and given some of them axes to show their Norse heritage...
I was some horses short and thus I have to mix in some Perrys War of the Roses horses but I think it worked out fine. And as everything else, Perry does some nice looking horses.

Those FireForge miniatures are sure fun to put together.

And combining these with some Danish Sergeants I painted a while ago I can make up a rather nice looking unit.
It might look a bit strange with half of them in red and half of them in blue though..


  1. I like them and don't worry about the blue and red. I think it add's a little diversity to the unit.

  2. What a beautiful unit! Great job...

  3. Really impressive - great character.

  4. OH, these are nice. The mix of miniatures works really well, nice to see that you can use Fire-Forge and Perrys together. If using these for Lion Rampant they would anyway be two groups of knights, so the two color schemes are very helpful to represent that. Could be two houses within the same noble family. Lovely work on the shields and bardings!