Tuesday, 5 March 2013


The Hird has grown… I tested a new approach and did a 8man multibase instead of the 4 men that I have done as the standard multibase until now. This gave me the opportunity to align the miniatures and build better shieldwalls. 

On the base you can see a mixture of plastic and lead Hirdmen from Gripping Beast, one of the Hirdmen have a GW head donated to me from a friend. I like to mix the unit with lead miniatures as it gives me more life to the unit, more variations but still let me bulk up the masses in plastic.

I also did a new 4man base. One of the hirdmen here also have a GW Empire head and a wolf pelt from an GW Mordheim miniature I think it was.

And together with some Berserkers I did earlier these two bases make up a `standard size´ two rank deep unit in Hail Caesar with 16 miniatures.

This means I can soon play out bigger battles and moving from `small´units into `standard size´ones, making an even more impressive game I hope.


  1. Good looking Hird, nice paint work, cool shields, good basing.

  2. Looking very good !!

    Like the bigger shieldwall base alot !

    Best regards Michael

  3. They look great ranked together like that. May their enemies tremble in fear...