Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Gubbspel Galore IV part1

I like to give a big thanks to all who attended or worked at Gubbspel Galore.
I was really fun and so impressive to see all the games and miniatures you’ve seen on the net in person instead.

I brought my Treemoss fantasy collection and hosted games of Trollraids on an unsuspecting Gnome village.
The mechanics worked out as treat and with this hard play testing of the basic mechanics I think I can start thinking about expanding the game.

As I hosted this game most of my pictures is of trolls bashing something but I managed to take some pictures of other games to. 

Here are the first parts of the pictures taken.


  1. Superbe tournoi, les photos sont très belles. A bientôt Christian

  2. Beautiful pictures, seems to be a great event!

  3. It was a great event, glad you took these pictures as most of mine turned out to be crap when I got home. :) Your Trollbashing game seemed to be a blast and I whish I had time to play. Oh well.. Next time!

  4. Sweet pictures. Gave a lot of inspiration.Who is the handsome guy with the shark-hat??? ;)
    I would love to participate on the next event.

  5. Your troll raid looks great! Looks like the day was loaded with fun, and beautiful figures.